The humble little Atty has sure come a long way since the days of building a basic coil around a Q-Tip and installing. Now you can easily screw in a ready to rock Sub-Ohm coil and blow clouds with the rest of the RTA, RDA people.

Sub-ohm coils/heads, when broken down, are just tiny versions of a coil build that is pre-setup for you in a neat little package, so all you need to do is screw it in and vape. Inside the head, you have tiny coils with a small amount of cotton.

small sub-ohm headsBecause of their small size, Sub-ohm heads had to limit the types of coils they can use. Most of the time they are very simple single coils. If the head has more than one coil then the coils a usually going to be minuscule.


While it’s true sub-ohm tanks have been getting bigger and bigger. With the new SMOK TFV8 Sub-Ohm tank, the coils/heads that come with that are huge. (seen below)


The limit of a True Sub-Ohm Head


SMOK TFV8 Coil Heads

The new heads for the TFV8 are massive and are about the same size as these new HBC coils. Because they are so much bigger, you can naturally fit more complex builds with much more potential for performance and flavor production. So a Huge Sub-Ohm tank is nothing new.

The thing that makes the new HBC coils so unique is the fact that you can rebuild them. And not like a Sub-Ohm head.

The HBC Coil (Hand Built Coil)

HBC Coils
HBC stands for Hand Built Coil. Think of these as either a massive Sub-Ohm head or a Pre-Built and Wicked RTA deck inside of a metal casing. You get a full-size build deck with an HBC  and you can even rebuild them just like an RTA.  Just take out the old cotton, dry burn then reinstalls your new cotton.

Doing things this way adds a ton of benefits and possibilities to the Sub-Ohm Tank market. Because of the large size,  the HBC coil manufacturers can design and use full-size exotic builds that they could never have dreamt of before.

The first company to come up with the name HBC and bring them to the market is GeekVape. They have been manufacturing RDA’s and RTA’s but never got into the Sub-ohm tank market. Until now that is.

GeekVape Eagle Sub-Ohm Tank

GeekVape Eagle Sub-ohm Tank
GeekVapes new flagship tank, the Eagle, will be featuring these new HBC coils. You may have noticed that the Eagle reminds you a bit of a few past tanks GeekVape put out like the Griffin RTA.

The Eagle tank comes in two versions. A top airflow version and a “standard” version. I’m not going to get too detailed into the Eagle tank today because we will be featuring this tank in our next article 7 Sub-Ohm Tanks for July.

Another fantastic feature about these new HBC coil heads is all the kinds of coils they are able to bring now to the “Sub-Ohm tank” market.

To name a few:

  • Clapton Coil
  • Tiger Clapton Coil
  • Fused Clapton Coil
  • Caterpillar Track Coil
  • Juggernaut Coil
  • Notch Coil

These can all come in a single or dual configuration and are all Full-size.

Why do I think these will be a huge hit?

I think these new HBC coils are going to make a ton of people happy in the vaping community because:

  • The people who wanted the performance of an RDA but don’t want to have to build the coils or install them.
  • The manufacturers will love them because they will be able to sell 20-30-40 types of heads for their tanks VS the 6-8 they can now.
  • Anyone who wants incredible performance and flavor will love these.

In a nutshell, the new HBC coils/heads will bring much more choice to the Sub-ohm tank market. And that will always be a good thing.

At What Point is it an RTA?


This leads me to one last point. What is the main difference between this and an RTA? Besides the fact that the deck is installed with the coil and cotton ready to go. Is the Eagle still a Sub-Ohm tank? Or Is this just an RTA with a removable deck and pre-made coils?

When you think about what makes a Sub-Ohm tank a Sub-Ohm tank it comes down to the coil/head. They have pre-made coils with the cotton ready to go in a neat package. Easy to install. When the coil/head is done you throw the coil/head away. So the main difference is the ability to re-build the head when its burnt out. That is why an RTA is called an RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer).

Should we call this an RSUT (Rebuildable Sub-Ohm Tank)? Or Just Sub-ohm tank with HBC? Screw wars and hunger this is the real issue in this world today. 😉

It is my opinion we need to come up with a new name for these.  But that is just my opinion what do you think? Lets hear about it in the comments below.

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