In vaping, there are tons of acronyms. Just about anything that can be shortened, will be shortened. One of the biggest, most mysterious questions we often hear is. What is the difference between an RDA and an RTA. Then you have Sub-Ohm tanks, Genesis tanks.

In this article we aim to help you figure out what the heck people are talking about.

Let’s Jump on in

What is an RDA?


The RDA stands for “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. Why is it called that? Well simply put, this is rebuildable. Meaning you need to build and rebuild the coils that go inside. You can also take it all apart to clean.

The Dripping part of the name comes from how you get the juice on the cotton. You do this by “Dripping” the juice onto the cotton. Because there is no tank you have to drip every time the cotton dries up.

People like these because you can build extremely crazy coil builds and basically push vaping to the limits of sanity. Another reason people love these is that you can switch the flavor you are vaping on quickly vs having to empty the tank every time you want to change flavors.

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What is an RTA?

OBS Crius RTA v3

The RTA or “Rebuildable Tank Atomizer” is just like the RDA “Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer”. The main difference is that the RTA has a tank to hold the juice. You do not need to keep dripping every time your cotton runs dry because you have a tank that keeps feeding the cotton for you.

You Still need to build the coils you put in the tank. One thing is you have less room to work with in a RTA than a RDA because of the extra stuff needed to work with the tank.

The RTA is gaining popularity in the vaping community over the RDA because of the simple factor. You do not need to keep dripping to vape. You can just fill the tank up and go.

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What is a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Sub-Ohm Tank

The Sub-Ohm Tank is like the RTA but in a sub-ohm tank, you do not build the coils. In a Sub-Ohm tank, you use what are called Heads. Basically, Pre-made coils with the cotton and everything all rolled into a nice package. You just pop it in the tank and go.

The Sub-Ohm part of the name just means that the coils or heads will measure below 1.0Ωs. Usually, the coils will run at around 0.3Ω.

Like the RTA these have been gaining in popularity. A few years ago the only way to get massive clouds and run something below 1.0 Ωs you had to build your own coils and use an RDA or RTA. With the Sub-Ohm tank, anyone can vape massive clouds without the need to build coils.

If you are new to vaping this is one of the better options out of the three. The main reason Sub-Ohm tanks are the best for new vapers are

  • Ease of Use
  • Safety
  • Easy to Change Coils

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