In vaping you will hear from time to time, some words that you may have no freaking clue what they are talking about, Well we are here to try and help

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The word Atty is short for Atomizer. The part that you screw into the mod or battery. This is the part of the E-cig that produces the vapor and holds the juice. Atty can be refering to a few items

  • RDA
  • RTA
  • Sub-Ohm Tank
  • Ego Style Tank

 Dripper (RDA)

The Dripper is a RDA or (Rebuildable Dripping Atty), These are great for changing flavors frequently and giant clouds. The only problem is they do not have a tank to hold extra juice. This means that you have to drip every time you run out of juice.

Rebuildable Tank Atty (RTA)

OBS Crius RTA v3

The RTA or Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is a great way for getting big clouds like a dripper but with a tank rather than having to drip e-juice manually every time the cotton is dry. These are great for people who want to build their own coils and enjoy doing so to customise their vape.

Sub-Ohm Tank

MarsTeam Japan Yokozuna Sub-ohm Tank

The Subohm tank system is a recent addition to the vapers toolbox. Back in the day if you wanted to sub ohm vape. You would need some skills with making coils and a good knowledge of the ohms law and watts ect… Now with a Sub-Ohm tank you can just buy one of these pre-made “Heads” or coil and pop in the sub-ohm tank and vape on.

For more info view our article on the Best Subohm Tanks of 2015

Coil Head


The head is the replacement coil you need for your Sub-Ohm tank system. This is the part that gets old and you need to replace every so often, in side is your coil and cotton needed for vaping production.


The Mod is the thing that you screw the ATTY onto. When someone uses the term Mod they could be talking about a number of devices

  • Un Regulated Box Mod
  • Tube Mod
  • Regulated Box Mod

Tube Mod

Wotofo SMPL mechanical mod
The tube mod is about as basic of a mod as you can get. Just a metallic tube with a battery or two in side. You screw the atty on top and start vaping.

Un-Regulated Box Mod

Phalax Mechanical Mod
The un-regulated box mod is a great device for power and simplicity. This is nothing more than a box and a few wires to connect the battery to the atty. No circuit boards just wires.

The Regulated Mod

Project Sub-Ohm Project S80 SX130H 80W TC Box Mod
The regulated Box Mod is the most popular mod these days. With a wide range of power options and safety features it is easy to see why. You can just set the Wattage you want and vape on.

The Wire


ribbon kathal
Kanthal is the material used by many vapers to build their coils. There are all types and sizes of Kanthal to choose from, For more info on Kanthal check this article out


nichromeNichrome is the original Kanthal, back before Kanthal was king Nichrome was the only man on the block, after a while Kanthal started showing up because it had favoritable qualities for building coils as it was stronger and had a higher tolerance to high temp, now Nichrome is coming back due to its qualities that some people love.
For more info on Kanthal and Nichrome check out this article



The Coil is the part of the Atty that does the actual vaporizing of the E-liquid (see below)

The coil heats up and vaporizes the juice. You can make the coil out of Kanthal or Nichrome and can be made in almost limitless configurations. For more Coil building info

Micro Coil

Micro Coil is a term to describe a coil with the internal diameter no larger than 2mm

Nano Coil

Nano Coil
A Nano coil is a coil with the internal diameter 1mm or less.


When you see VG/VP they are referring to the % of Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene glycolin the E-liquid. This % is important because it determines the amount of clouds your juice will produce. Some Atty’s can only handle VG/PG % of 60/40 before they start to give you dry hits. For more info on Check out Ejuice 101

 Drip Tip

The Drip Tip is the part of the E-cig that you actually put your sloppy lips on, They come in all shapes and sizes and material. One really great thing about vaping is that when you want to let someone try your e-cig you can just take your drip tip off and they put theirs on and walla, No cooties.

 Vape Tongue


Vape Tongue is a term to describe when a vaper no longer can taste their vape, This can be for numerous reasons from allergies, medications to dehydrated. For more into on Vapers tongue and how you can possibly cure this annoying problem read our article, How to get and cure Vapers Tongue


The term Steeping is used to describe the process of Blending or Aging a bottle of E-liquid, but most of the time they will be referring to the aging of the liquid.


E-liquid Gunk is the stuff your delicious juice turns into if your juice contains sugar. That is if you use E-liquid with Sugar based sweeteners, The dark color is the canalization of the sugar when it comes in contact with high heat. Our E-liquid however has no sweeteners, Your coils and cotton will last 4x longer. for further reading on GUNK go here


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