When it comes to the Arctic by Horizon Tech it is a great Subohm tank, only one thing I can honestly say I don’t like about the tank is how little space you have to grip onto when unscrewing it from a mod. Now it is not the worst I have seen, but most times I have to take a screw driver or something small enough to fit into the airflow holes and twist it off. The Arctic has a 3.5ml capacity tank and has a variety of organic cotton coil heads. But let’s focus on the Bottom Turbine Dual Coil heads.

The Bottom Turbine Dual Coils come in .5 and .2 ohm, now these coils are not your typical coil heads. They are built in dual coil with one sitting on top and one sitting on the bottom. I was playing around with one a bit ago and noticed something I found very disturbing about them. They have a rubber insulator around one of the coils in every coil head. Now I have messed around with a used one before and never seen this, but in a new never used one I seen it.

The problem with this is that it could burn the rubber off into your lungs and you would never know. Vaping has become a high used and substitute product. It was first started to be Healthier and Cheaper than your normal Tobacco use; But has since lost the meaning in cheaper in some cases. That I can live with for now but it has to stay healthier. This is just a warning to anyone using these coil heads, please stay safe with them if you use them.

Note: This is only to inform and warn people about the safety of Vaping with these coils, this is not to make Horizon Tech look bad. Also stay safe Vaping. Make sure to KickAsh and VapeLikeYouMeanIt.

Also since this is my first ever article I have to say Hi to my Mother, Hi Mom.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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