A month ago I was in a much different place than I am now. I know things now that I didn’t then. I learned things through personal experience. I never wanted this to come to this. It is like choosing between two kids. Well One kids has a bit of a problem.

How it all started

When I first read about the OBS Cirius I loved what I saw. The dual velocity posts easy top fill design, plus the thing looked pretty slick. So I got one, like many of us do all the time thinking it would be amazing as I heard and read.

OBS Crius RTA v3

To start out let me say over all this is a great tank. The flavor is great the cloud production is great. It hits like a champ and features all the great items

  • Velocity Posts
  • Adjustable Airflow and Juice flow
  • Easy Fill through top
  • Amazing airflow

The OBS Cirius is a really nice RTA. The flavor is amazing. The cloud production is great. It breaths like a champ. All in all I really like it.

While all these things hold true. There was one little thing that I didn’t see coming. LEAKING…..
Homer NOoooooo
Things Go South

Yes Leaking…..My OBS Cirius leaks. It appears to be coming from where the tank glass meets the bottom body or around the afc ring. Plus if you do not close off the airflow control when you fill it you can get a ton of juice out the bottom air intake ports.

I know, I know what you are going to say… It’s the wicking. You need to wick it correctly. Well I did everything I was suppose to. Not blocking off the ports while at the same time making sure the wicks are covering them.

So that sucked.

A New Hope

Billow V3

Billow V3 RTA

The Billow V3 is a collaboration between Eciggity and EhPro. The V3 is the Third version of the amazing Billow RTA. Each time the Billow come out it was way different from the one before. Mostly because they really listen to feedback and change what needs to be changed. For instance my V1 Leaked, my V2 leaked ever so often but not much at all. The V3 Sealed Solid.

The Build Deck

The build deck on the Billow V3 is bigger badder and.. better.. First thing you notice is the beautifil velocity posts, then you notice the hole between them. And you wonder, WTF is that. They added a center flow airflow like the Gemini to the center of the velocity posts. This helps move air around the coils better.

But wait! There’s More

They added juice flow control that you control by rotating the base to open and close the juice ports. The Motion is silky smooth and a little stiff. Just like I like it. You can really tell the quality on this thing just by moving all the parts.

Billow V3 easy fill top

The Top section slides up to expose the filling port. When you close the top section after filling you can really feel the precision on Billow V3. That is not something I would have said on the V2 or V1

Over all I have to say that I am very happy with switching to the Billow V3 from the OBS Cirius. Now I am fairly sure that if I had the wicking perfect the Cirius wouldn’t have leaking like it did. But ya know what I don’t want to have to worry about that. If something shifts over time it could leak.

Two Thumbs Up

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