Look, we don’t take the special care of buying quality ingredients and making delicious juice for your to just leave it on your dashboard while you’re at work and F#%$ everything up. OK maybe it’s not that serious but in order to maintain the delicious standard of our juice you want to make sure you take care of it.

We will go over the Do’s and Don’ts of E-juice storage.

Do Keep out of Direct Sunlight.


The UV from Sunlight is probably one of the biggest enemies of E-liquid there is, the UV light will ozidize the liquid turning it dark amber to brown and it will end up funking up the entire bottle if left in the sun to long.  If you are going to leave your bottle in the car leave it in the glove box or under a napkin, ANYTHING.

Do keep your e-juice Cool

This goes along with the Sun but in general e-juice is happiest slightly colder than room temp. That isnt to say room temp is bad just slightly colder is preferred. Think of a cave or 55º F ish. Much colder and you can get moisture that forms on the inside of the bottle.

Do Shake well before Use

E-juice is made out of typically 4-5 different thickness of liquids, and over time things tend to settle so you want to shake up your bottle for about 5-10 seconds before use.


this is an image to show E-juice before it is “Steeped” or blended


To Steep or Not to Steep, That is the question…..

When someone says the word steeping they could be talking about ageing the E-liquid, or Mixing the juice together such as after DIY’ing a bottle. As far as buying E-liquid and needing to steep it is a matter of who you buy it from really, Our flavors need no extra steeping once you get your order. You can “steep” or age the bottles for longer in a cool dark area such as a cabinet or drawer, but the juice is perfect the moment you get it. Now other companies juice for some reason needs extra steeping, Sometimes you get a bottle and it tastes like garbage but after waiting 2 weeks it suddenly tastes good. This is very odd to me and I don’t think someone should have to wait that long for a delicious vape.

If you want your juice to have a more full and deep flavor, ageing the bottle in a dark, cool place for 15-30 days will really bring out nuances and smooth other flavors out.

Don’t Leave bottle within reach of children

This one should go without saying but please, keep your E-liquid away from children. Treat the bottle as if you would a prescription bottle of medicine. The industry is being attacked from every angle and one of the things that they are correct about is it can be dangerous if ingested. AKA DON’T DRINK

You will get very sick, VERY SICK if someone you are with does ingest some juice than contact poison control or 911

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