When you are dealing with batteries,electrical coils, Sub-ohms, ect.. you need to stay safe. The smallest things are often the most important. Such as don’t just put loose batteries in your pocket. Or Don’t use a dented battery.

These kinds of things are the small things we need to stay mindful of. Here are some basic tips & tricks to stay safer.

Battery Safety

Battery Safety is now more than ever a hot topic. Mostly due to these recent battery fires and explosions. Could these things have been prevented? Possibly, but that is not the point of this article. We are going to talk about staying safer.

Battery Shrink Wrap other damage

Don;t Use a Battery with damaged shrink wrap

If you Use a E-cig/Mod that uses a battery with any kind of casing. Specifically 18650, 26650 batteries. If you see that the outer wrapper or shrink wrap is damaged in anyway, throw it out and get a new one. Just to be safe. You can get them rewrapped but if the battery was damaged enough to break the casing , it is most likely better to replace it.

Check your batteries often for signs of stress and damage. This would include torn or damaged shrink wrap but also includes

  • Dented Casing
  • Bulging Casing
  • odd smell
  • anything less than perfect

Tips on battery Safety

  • Use the same batteries together and always together
    • For instance, if your mod/E-cig uses 2 batteries. Buy 4 and label two of them. Now always use those with each other. Keep them married to each other.
  • Take care of them
    • Don’t just throw them in a drawer and let them bang around. Buy battery holders. They are little plastic cases that will keep them safe and secure. Plus only a few bucks
  • Buy a Good battery Charger
    • The battery charger you buy will make a huge difference in the health and longevity of your batteries. If you forget to take them out of the charger a good one will not keep feeding the battery. So Buy a Good battery Charger
  • Buy Good batteries
    • The batteries you use are vital. Know the company you are buying from. Don’t just go on ebay and buy the cheapest you can find. Don’t be cheap here. Spend a few extra bucks and buy quality.

The Mod/E-cig

Get an E-cig/Mod with Safety Features

Not all E-cigs/ Mods are created equally. If you are new to vaping you should really try to stay away from mechanical mods or anything without some kind of safety features

Many Regulated mods these days will come with a bunch of features to keep you safe

  • Reverse Battery Protection
    • This will make sure your mod doesn’t blow up if you put the batteries in the wrong way.
  • Short Circuit Protection
    • Some times when working with electricity you will have a short. It could be from a coil that is touching something or a ground, ect…

If you are just getting into vaping and want something with great safety features and all around ease of use check out this starter kit

Kanger Subox mini Starter Kit

Kanger Sobox mini starter kit

The Subox Mini starter kit comes with the new Subtank Mini Sub-ohm tank. This is nice because you still get amazing cloudage and performance but you don’t need to build your own coils. The tank will hold up to 4.5mls of juice so you will be able to vape for a while without refilling

The box mod you get in the kit is the Kanger Kbox mini. This will push up to 50 watts of vaping power. This will be more than enough for a new vaper. The best part is all the safety features

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Atty Open Circuit Protection
  • Cell Reverse protection (Battery Reverse)
  • PCB Over heating protection
  • 10 Second overtime usage protection
  • Cell Capacity Protection (Low battery)

Now we aren’t getting paid for talking about this Kanger product but It is just a great starter kit.

Educate Yourself

Being safe when dealing with vaping ultimately comes down to you. You need to know some certain things if you are going to be working with electricity.

Here is a great video we actually also feature in our

Getting Started – Battery Safety, Ohm’s Law & Safe Vaping!


Like I said safety in the end is up to you. So keep learning and keep growing as a vaper and a person. Plus a little common sense doesn’t hurt.

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