Coming into 2016 we have a bunch of new RTA’s to play with. We are going to talk about some of the RTA’s to try in 2016, the ones that are innovative or just absolutely loved from day 1.



The Aromamizer by Steam Crave
can actually come in 2 versions. A 3ml Tank size and a bigger 6ml tank size. The newest version features the new Velocity-style deck where they stack the decks rather than have them side by side. As you can imagine with the correct build you can achieve some great flavor and vapor production.

Another cool thing about the Aromamizer
is like the Billow V2 you can change the coil or cotton without having to drain your tank. This may seem dumb or small but this really does make working on your RTA or changing cotton Sooooo much easier. For the airflow, you get 4 3mm airflow channels to really get that vapor production and flavor roaring.


  • 23mm diameter – will stick out on 22mm profile devices
  • Velocity-style deck – two posts stacked – 2mm lead holes
  • PEEK insulators
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Silver-plated 510 connection
  • Two AFC rings

Grab an Aromamizer for around $44.00
  Check out Steam Crave Aromamizer




is another one of these beautiful designs that was built for and by vapers. The CRIUS was designed from the ground up with us builders in mind. The newest model comes with the new Velocity Deck like the Aromamizer has, giving you superb flavor and vapor production. The air holes are placed directly under the coils for amazing flavor and cloud production.

The tank on the Crius
will hold up to 5mls of juice that you fill from the top in a unique way. You fill it from the top side, by sliding the glass and tilting. ( I have yet to test this out but it sounds interesting)


  • Top side-fill design
  • 4.2ml juice capacity
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 510 Connection
  • Glass tank section

Grab a OBS CRIUS for around $32.00
  Check out OBS CRIUS




The VCMT RTA by Vaperz Cloud
has a huge 6-7ml or 10-11ml Tank section depending on the version you get.Featuring 2.5mm post holes in the Velocity style build deck like well all of the RTA’s we featured on this list so far. For good reason because they are just a great design for flavor and cloud production.

The juice control
for the VCMT is controlled via a ring that rests in front of the juice channels that lets you adjust for the perfect amount of juice flow. Also the VCMT comes with Delrin and Stainless wide-bore drip tips for different preferences.


  • 25mm In Diameter
  • 3mm Post Holes
  • Adjustable 510 Connection
  • Glass tank section
  • Internal Juice Flow Control Ring
  • Velocity Style Deck

Grab a VCMT for around $65.00
  Check out VCMT by Vaperz Clouds




The FODI by HCigar
is somewhat of a flashback to another time. Another time not so long ago really, just a few years. The Time of the Genesis Style RTA. Some could say the grandpa of the RTA. Like Genesis style tanks holding the tank sideways for an extended period can cause some leaks. The FODI has a ceramic insulator for the center post and the tank is actually above the juice reservoir.

Made from 316 food grade stainless steel the FODI is great for complex builds with its dual post deck design.


  • Two post deck
  • Genesis-style wick saturation method
  • 2.5 ml capacity
  • 22mm x 58mm size
  • Pyrex tank section
  • Ceramic insulator for positive post
  • Anti-spitback technology
  • AFC splits deck and tank – keeps flavor maximal

Grab a FODI for around $32.00
  Check out the FODI


Youde Zephyrus

Youde Zephyrus v2

The Zephyrus V2
is said to be a contender for the best RBA/ Head RTA system. It can use pre-made coils that you use with the UD OCC style heads. You can also use the RBA section if you would rather build your own coils.They also redesigned the Zephyrus to a top fill design, for less leaks and easier access.

Constructed out of 304 Stainless steel
the Zephyrus can hold up to 5mls of juice. The cyclops air-holes are a whopping 3mm X 6.5mm allowing for amazing airflow and cloud production. The chimney is also fluted and skinnier to help with flavor condensation.


  • 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 ohm coils available
  • Giant airflow holes 3mm x 6.5mm
  • Ceramic element in base for better flavor
  • 5ml e-liquid capacity
  • 22mm diameter
  • Redesigned top fill valve
  • Pyrex tank section.
  • 304 stainless steel construction

Grab a Youde Zephyrus for around $24.00
  Check out the Youde Zephyrus V2


Rage 3 in 1

Rage 3in1 RTA

This thing is pretty cool
and by thing I mean awesome thing, and by awesome thing I mean the Rage Three in One RDA, RTA Sub-ohm tank system. Designed to be easily converted from a RDA to RTA in seconds with little to no fuss. On the RTA front you have a 4 post deigns, none velocity style. You have the 2 X 10mm air-holes under the deck to give you amazing flavor and cloud production.

The tank on the Rage
will hold up to 4mls in RTA mode and 6mls of juice in Sub-ohm tank mode.The chimney is constructed in dual section style we see a ton these days and you have the main air adjustment on the “mother base”


  • 23mm Diameter
  • -Utilized in Every Mode
  • 2mm by 10mm Dual Air slots
  • -Sub-Ohm Tank Mode
  • 6ml Tank Capacity
  • 0.5 ohm Kanthal – 10 to 75W
  • Stealth Delrin 510 Drip Tip Base
  • Delrin Insert
  • -RTA Mode
  • 4ml Tank Capacity
  • Dual Split Positive Build Deck
  • 1.5mm Terminals
  • RDA Mode
  • 1.5mm Terminals
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection

Grab a Rage 3in1 for around $40.00
  Check out the Rage 3in1


If you liked these RTA’s make sure you check out our last Cloud Chasing RTAs’ article. Also make sure you check out our 2015 Holiday Vapers Gift Guide

Also if you have a RTA that you just love or even hate lets us know about it in the comments.

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