A good RTA is in my opinion the best vape tank type, of all tank styles. You get the hard hitting cloud chucking coil building power of a dripper. While also get the convenience of a tank. So far in 2016 we have seen some great tanks and mods for us to play with.

If you are new to vaping maybe you would be better off using a Sub-ohm tank because those oyou dont need to know how to build a coil to get great clouds and flavor

Bachelor RTA

Bachelor RTA by EHpro

The Bachelor RTA by EHPro is an interesting addition to our list. They went with the single coil deck, a interesting choice but if you think about it, the first and most popular tank ever, the Kayfun. This tank was designed for those of us who love the single coil style deck. Not everyone wants 2 coils. Another interesting feature about the deck is the way you install the coil. You feed it the leads down into the deck and clamp them down horizontally. Versus using the two holes in the posts.

The tank holds up to 4mls of juice. It is filled via the top and you can control the flow of the juice to your coil by rotating the tank. This is a great RTA for someone who is just starting out with rebuilds and wants to get their hands wet with a single simple build but still get amazing flavor.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Pyrex Glass tank
  • 4ml tank capacity
  • Top Fill design
  • Juice flow control
  • Postless deck design
  • Peek insulator
  • Dual adjustable airflow

Pick up a Bachelor by EHPro for around $25.00

Bachelor RTA by EHPro

Kayfun Mini V3

Kayfun Mini V3 RTA

The king is back and better than ever. The Svoe Mesto Kayfun Mini V3 is as beautiful and as relevant than ever. They added adjustable liquid control to the kayfun making it much easier to fine tune the tank to the thickness of your liquid. Another welcome addition is that they did away with the bottom filling port that was the root of 90% of my personal issue with leaking. No long will juice leak out that of that bottom screw.(oh the pain it was)

You can now remove the tank from the body to fix your coil or change the cotton without emptying the tank. The adjustable airflow has gotten a update as well going from 1.5mm to 2.2mm a significant size when working in small measurements giving you much better flavor and cloud production.


  • 100% Juice control
  • Single coil configuration
  • Top fill
  • Glass tank
  • Tank Capacity 2ml
  • Bigger adjustable airflow 2.2mm holes
  • 19mm X 58mm

Grab a Kayfun Mini V3 for around $100.00

Svoe mesto Kayfun Mini V3

Youde/UD Goblin Mini V2

Goblin Mini V2 RTA

The Youde/UD Goblin Mini V2 is another updated favorite of vapings past. One thing that I personally love about the V2 is that even though it is a little smaller than the V1 the build deck got BIGGER. Making it much easier to build o

The tank still holds up to 3.0 mls of juice. The airflow is adjusted with the double pendulum air ring at the base of the tank.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 3.0ml Capacity
  • 304 stainless steel body
  • Double Pendulum air-flow control
  • Drip tip and chimney have a rifling line
  • Bigger Build deck
  • Smaller overall Size then V1

Pick up a Youde/UD Goblim Mini V2 for around $30.00

Youde/UD Goblin Mini V2

Griffin RTA

GeekVape Griffin RTA

The Griffin RTA by Geek Vape is a very well thought out design. You can tell these guys listen to their customers. Starting out with the amazing airflow that the Griffin provides the coils. This will produce huge clouds and massive flavor. The juice flow control has 4 holes to feed the cotton around the base of the chimney to suck up every last drop of juice in the tank..

The deck features a dual post velocity style design with 2mm post holes. You have two massive airflow holes directly under the coils that help give you amazing vapor production. The 510 connection is GOLD making it extremely conductive.


  • 3.5ml capacity
  • Velocity style posts w.2mm post holes
  • 16.1 build deck
  • Top fill design
  • juice flow control
  • Massive airflow
  • Adjustable Gold Plated 510 connection
  • Bottom airflow control W. direct airflow channels

Grab a Geek Vape Griffin for around $34.00

Geek Vape Griffin


Focusecig Higo RDTA

The Focusecig Higo RDTA has an amazing juice capacity of 6mls. Something not many tanks can say. You fill that monster via a top fill design. You can adjust the juice flow to the cotton via the 4 ports on all sides.

The juice well in the Higo is massive, coming in at 10mls, combined with the 4 wicking ports you get amazing wicking that will keep your coils vaping. The airflow is controlled via the triple 6mm X 2mm side airflow.


  • 6ml capacity
  • 10mm deep juice well
  • top fill design
  • 22mm diameter
  • dual post design W. 2mm post holes.
  • adjustable juice flow
  • triple 6mm X 2mm side airflow control
  • Dual 3mm Bottom spiral airflow control
  • 316 stainless steel body

Grab a Focusecig Higo RDTA for around $35.00

Focusecig Higo RDTA

Geek Vape Avocado

Geek Vape Avocado RDTA

The Geek Vape Avocado is our second tank from the guys are Geek Vape. It has bee a busy year for them so far. The Avocado is the little brother to the Griffin. Featuring the same massive build deck with massive 4mm wicking ports to really suck up all the juice you need. The Avocado comes with two ceramic incerts that can turn the Avocado into a single post

The airflow on the Avocado is amazing with dual 7mm X 2mm air slots for amazing flavor and cloud production. The ceramic inserts also have a 2mm hole that can run simultaneously with the dual airhole configuration, providing additional auxiliary airflow.


  • 3ml tank Capacity
  • Quad 4mm wicking ports
  • Ceramic single coil adaptor
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Peek insulator
  • Stealth delrin threaded 510 adapter
  • 2mm post terminals
  • 10mm ultra wide bore drip tip

Pick up a Geek Vape Avocado for around $35.00

Geek Vape Avocado

That is the list of new RTA’s some could even call Cloud Chasing RTA’s of 2016.

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