We have featured them in a few of our articles and a recent article on Companies that make Pre-built coils. Advanced Vape is based out of UT and is much more then just a Coil manufacturer. The are inventing new systems to built new advanced vaping wire. They also have a bunch of 3d printers that they are using to build everything from box mods to Mod holders.

Today the reason we are talking about Advanced Vape is the Coils. The coils we now sell in our shop.
Currently we stock.

Pre-Built Coils

Pre-Built Wire

These coils vape amazingly and the flavor is incredable. These are perfect for those who maybe don’t have the dextarity to built these Advanced Coil Builds but still would like to try them out. The wire is really nice if you want to get a head start on a really advanced build. The possibilities are endless. Mixed with our MAX VG Cloud Chasers Blend E-juice you will be chucking clouds like a pro in no time at all.

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