OVW Points Info Page

How it works

OVW Points is a pretty simple system.

  • $2 Spent = 1 (OVW Point)
  • On Bigger Bundle Packs You earn Extra Points
  • 200 (OVW Point) = $10.00 Store Credit

How do I get Points?

Points will be earned under the following examples:

  • When Payment for the Order is Completed
  • When you leave a product review (10 points per review)

How many Points Do I get?

Next to the “Add to cart button” You will see how many points you will get for buying that product.

Using My Points

To use your points,

  • Put something you want to buy into your shopping cart
  • Go to checkout page like normal
  • If you have points you will see a blue box that says “Use X amount of points for a $X amount discount with this order”
  • Click “Apply Discount

Extra Points

On Bigger bundle packs such as 3pc 30ml Bundle or the 2pc 60ml Bundle pack you will get extra points. For instance the 2pc 60ml Bundle pack would normally get you 15 points. Because it costs $30. But with the extra points for buying more you get 5 extra points. making it 20 points you get.

How to Check my Points?

To check how many points you have in your account just click on the “My Account” button in the top menu bar. Or Click here My Account

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