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My name is Brian Webb & I'm here to help you.

I’m a Graphic Designer/ Copywriter with over 10 years working on designing logo’s, promotional items & all the graphics for my other companies such as Olympia Vapor Works.

In todays business world getting noticed is harder than ever. “A good logo will help you stand out and make more money.”

What makes for a good brand identity or logo?

You will want a logo that will be readable at any size and in any color. Your logo will be going on many types of materials and shapes. The Typography on your logo should represent the logo mark and your company in size, shape, and appearance.

Do you have company colors? Why you need some?

If you have about five colors that you will tie to your company, this will help in the public instantly recognizing the poster or flyer as your business.

Take Coke. The red you see with the CocaCola logo is instantly recognizable as Coke. If you see a bright red vending machine with white lettering you know it’s a coke machine. A color can be seen much farther than a shape so getting unique colors for your brand is vital.

Copywriting Will Save Your Company 

Got your attention, did I? Good copy, whether for a product page, promotional work or simply a flyer is essential to getting your message across in a clear and productive way.  In today’s world, a potential customer will only give you a few seconds. If you can’t, catch their attention and get your point across in that small time you lose.

You know the old saying “Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak”. This is true as ever; you need to show your customer how your product will change their lives for the better and why they can’t live without it.

How much will this cost me?

This is not a simple $100 an hour deal. Each project is different. Some people just need a good simple design with no additional items. Other clients want unlimited variations, web graphics or a total rebranding. Just fill out this simple contact form and we can talk about what you need, and we can get your job done correctly.

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