Having  the ability to accurately and instantly measure your ohms resistance on the coils you build is not only a matter of quality and accuracy but a matter of safety. It’s time to dig into Ohm readers and see what you like.

Coil Master 521 tab

Coil Master 521 Tab

The Coil Master 512 Tab is the brainchild of Coil Master, the same people who made the Coil Master Coil Starter kit we talked about in a previous article. This reader puts the “s” in slick. This reader will not only read your coils but also fire the coil to help test and tighten the coils, the shape and size of the 512 Tab is the perfect size for a build station. It is stable and won’t wobble as you try and adjust your coils. Truly perfect for the vaper in your life, or just for yourself.

Product Specs.

  • Resistance Measuring Range: 0.01 – 9.99
  • Voltage Measuring Range: 0.3 – 9.99 Volt
  • Resistance rate: As low to 0.2 ohm
  • Connection : 510 threaded with spring loaded pin
  • Charging: 4.5V/ 750mah Micro-USB Charging input
  • Battery: Lithium 18650, 3.7V (Batteries are not included in the product)

Grab a Coil Master 512 Tab for around $40.00
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Fire Meter


The Fire Meter is the newest Ohms reader from the guys at U.S.A Ohm Meters. They went a little overboard with this one, and that may be a good thing. They RND design, build, code and produce in the great U.S.A. This reader if you can even call it that at this point, is for the serious builder. The body is made with a 3d Printer giving it a unique texture.
Product Specs
  • ABS 3D Printed Body and Lid (ALL Fire Meters come with a BLACK LID ONLY…for now)
  • USA Ohm Meters PCB/LED (Ohm Meter)
  • USA Ohm Meters 22mm Stainless Steel 510 w/floating center pin
  • Push Button for protection
  • 3-position rocker switch
  • Keystone contacts

  • MOSFET w/resistor to protect the push button
  • Coin Cell Battery
  • Uses a single 18650
  • 8 STRONG magnets to hold lid on.
  • Battery Polarity Protection on 18650
  • 6 Vent Holes
  • 4 Rubber feet

Grab a Fire Meter for $84.00

Fire Meter


3D Printed Meter

3D Printed USA Ohm meter

The 3D Printed U.S.A Ohm Reader is their most popular and arguably cutest little reader on the market. Made with the same quality parts that come in all U.S.A readers the little 3D Printed version is superb gift someone who needs a great reader with a little personality. Like all their products the board, coding and production is all done in house.

Product Specs

  • Accurate to +/- 0.018 Ohms (see second picture for data results)
  • Reads from 0.00 to 5.00 Ohms
  • Default “U.S.A” startup screen.
  • Our designed PC Board layout/routing
  • Our design ABS 3D Printed Box
  • Stainless Steel 510 connector w/floating pin
  • Keystone Contacts
  • U.S.A Ohm Meter printed on inside cover
  • Energizer 3v Battery included
  • Cherry Rocker switch
  • (4) Earth Magnets to hold the lid in place

Grab a #d Printed U.S.A Reader for about $45.00

Fire Meter




The Micro Wotofo ohm reader is said by its makers to be the smallest most compact Ohm reader on the market. It can read down to the 2nd decimal point for pinpoint accuracy on your coils.

Product Features:

  • Test the resistance of your atomizers, cartomizers or clearomizers.
  • Test the output of your batteries.Comes with 510/eGo threading.
  • Built in battery and is recharged using the supplied micro USB cable.

Grab a Motofo ohm reader for about $20.00 online
Wotofo Readers

The Omnitester

The Omnitester

The Omnitester by SmokTech, This is on the other side of the flashy readers vs the USA made ones, These babies have some neat features. You can check the ohms with an accuracy of 0.4%. You can check the output voltage of a device or you can also check for voltage drop on a atty.

  • 510/Ego threaded Ohm Meter
  • 510 threaded Voltage Meter
  • Check Voltage Drop: Attach mechanical MOD and an atomizer at the same time
  • Accurate to 0.4%
  • On/off Switch
  • Dimensions: 2-3/4″ x 2-1/2″ x 1-1/4″

Pick one up from MyVapeStore for around $19.00

Learn How to use a MultiMeter
If you want to really look smart and finally get some use out of that multimeter thats sitting in your garage use it to test your resistance of your coils.

There you have it folks we showed you some options when it comes to testing your coils. The one you choose is up to you, Personally for simplicity the purpose built ohms readers are perfect but if you don’t have one or the money and you do have a multimeter go that way. No matter what you use you want to use SOMETHING to test your coils.

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