With all the amazing advancements in vaping technology. It is nice to see the vaping community still has some love for Pure Mechanical Mods. With the simplicity of a flashlight, these mods can pump out some pure vaping power. You do need to be careful when working with mechanical mods. Especially ones with hybrid connections. If something is grounded wrong, you can quickly find yourself in an unusual situation with a mod that is heating up rapidly. If you are new to vaping you may want to check out these Regulated Starter kits

Wotofo SMPL

Wotofo SMPL mechanical mod

This clone of the popular SMPL Mod by Wotofo is a really great mechanical mod. So simple yet so powerful. Mostly because of utilizing the two basic rules of a good vaping product. Conductivity and airflow. Constructed out of Copper you really can’t get much better at conductivity beside gold.

The SMPL has a hybrid top cap, meaning you have a direct connection between the atty and the battery. This is slightly more dangerous and should only be used by experienced vapers. That is one of the reasons the SMPL has 6 vent holes at the bottom of the mod drilled into the button. You want these holes for 1 main reason. If your battery starts to vent/blow up want good airflow in the mod. Otherwise you get a copper pipe bomb.


  • Fits 18650
  • Hybrid Connection
  • Material – Copper
  • 6 Vent Holes for ventilation
  • Spring Loaded Firing button

Grab a Wotofo SMPL for around $30.00

Wotofo Clone SMPL Mechanical Mod

Phalanx Mod

Phalax Mechanical Mod

The Phalanx Box mod by CCI is an innovative new design. We see more and more of this style of box mod and half tube mod design. I think they are going to stay. The Phalanx runs on a Triple parallel 18650 design that will keep you chucking those clouds all day long.

The triangular shape of the Phalanx mod is a great shape for holding in your hand as well as putting in your pocket. Just switch on the lock ring to be on the safe side.


  • triple Parallel 18650 Design
  • Triangular shape.
  • Adjustable Silver plated contacts
  • Spring loaded center pin
  • Mechanical switch with locking ring

Grab a Phalanx Mechanical box mod for around $150.00

Phalanx Box mod by CCI

WotoFo Phantom

Wotofo Phantom Mechanical Mod

The Wotofo Phantom is an authentic mod with an actual serial number. I have to say a few colors they have are great but the spotted paint job that looks like it was done in the early 90’s have to be the ugliest paint job I have ever seen on a mod… Sorry but that is just my humble opinion. Don’t let their ugly relatives put you off. This is a quality mechanical mod.

Sporting Rhodium plated center pins as well as negative contacts for superb conductivity. Features a hybrid top cap that just means the atty is in direct contact with the battery. Or you can get it with a traditional top for a little safer option. To top all that conductive goodness you get interchangeable 24k gold plated springs.


  • replaceable firing springs for  adjustable throw
  • Rhodium Plated Center pins and negative contacts
  • Hybrid Atty-to-Battery and Standard Top Caps
  • Adjustable Delrin Surrounds
  • 24k Gold Plated Springs
  • With 3 extra nifty colors

Grab a Wotofo Phantom mod for around $35.00

Wotofo Phantom mechanical mod

Wulf Hellhound

Wulf Mechanical Box mod

The Wulf Hellhound is the newest product from the people at Wulf mods. Sporting Full copper connections for amazing conductivity. Running on dual 18650 batteries in a series configuration.

The Hellhound is an authentic mod so no clones here. If nothing else this mechanical mod is just beautiful.


  • Copper Connections
  • Series Battery Configuration
  • Unregulated
  • High-quality high amp switch

Grab yourself a Wulf Hell hound Box mod for around $90.00

Wulf Hell hound Box mod

Noisy Cricket Series Box mod

Noisy Cricket Box mod

The Noisy Cricket by Wismec is another interesting design for a mechanical mod. Looking much like a flask and going by the name of a Gun in the first MIB movie. On a fresh charge, this mod can push up to 8.4V to your atty. Sporting a hybrid connection you will get a great connection to your atty but you also need to be careful with these.

The box of the Noisy Cricket is an aluminum alloy with 6 ventilation holes around the base of the mod, for extra protection incases of a battery that decides to vent.


  • Aluminum alloy body
  • 22mm diameter
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Top mounted switch
  • 6 vent holes around base
  • Dimensions: 79mm X 40mm X 22mm

Grab a Noisy Cricket by Wismec for around $40.00


Hcigar Paragon Mod V3

hcigar Paragon mod

The Hcigar Paragon V3 is the newest in the Paragon line up.You will get superb conductivity with all the connections being made out of copper. The version you see in the images is the carbon fiber model. They also have a white copper version and a few other variations.

Running on 18650’s and featuring an adjustable pin so you can minimize the battery rattle you often get in mechanical tube mods. The firing button is spring-loaded and recessed into the base of the mod to help prevent accidental firing or prevent firing when you set the mod upright.


  • %100 Copper body wrapped in carbon fiber
  • Copper bottom firing button
  • Copper floating atty contact pin
  • Recessed bottom firing button
  • Reverse threaded locking ring
  • 22mm in diameter

Grab a Hcigar Paragon for around $30.00

Hcigar Paragon

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