Evolution is something that is always present, in nature in technology and yes in your E-Cig Setup. with all things after a while we want more, and better, maybe you upgraded to a variable voltage valuable wattage e-cig and your starting to notice that you’re wanting a little more, well a mechanical mod is a great next step, this guide will hopefully help guide you in the right direction.

  • What is a mechanical mod?
  • Whats a good first mechanical mod?
  • What all do I need to get started vaping a mod?
  • Battery safety 
  • Mechanical mod safety
  • Mechanical mod maintenance


What is a Mechanical Mod

A “Mechanical Mod” is really a E-Cig in its most simplest form, no wires, no circuit boards none of that, just metal tube that holds a replaceable rechargeable battery, somewhere on the tube is a button that makes contact and completes the electrical circuit firing the tank or atty.

nemesis mod diagram

The image above is of the Nemesis Mechanical Mod, as you can see you have your tube you have your lock ring, so when you set it down it wont fire by its self by mistake and you have your firing button. Pretty simple and that’s why so many people like em,

As long as you keep them clean and maintained you will have a perfectly working device, no wires to worry about or anything.

In the world of Mechanical mods you have two sides

  • Authentics
  • Clones

In the e-cig industry there is a strange thing going on that you wont find most other industries, Clones aka (counterfeit), now no one is breaking any laws, but you will have real stores selling “clones”.
Clones are really popular for the reason that they cost WAY less than the Authentic version and in a lot of cases there is no difference between the two.

An authentic Nemesis like in the picture above can go for $250 bucks BUT this is the vaping industry. You don’t need to spend that kinda money to buy something you want. HAHAHA NO you can buy a “Clone”. You can grab a clone Nemesis for $30 bucks, and depending on the brand of clone you get can be just as good as the Authentic version.
I’m not going to go into the whole legality and stuff but just know that in the E-Cig industry counterfeits or clones are ok and everywhere, so be careful if you decide to go to buy an Authentic mod.

SO now that we know a little about mechanical mods let’s take a look at some really good “Starter Mechanical mods”

What makes a good “Starter Mechanical Mod

  • Easy to use
  • easy to maintain
  • reasonably priced
  • Popular enough to get help online if needed


great first Mechanical Mods


Wotofo SMPL mechanical mod

This is the new kid on the list. The SMLPL has turned into a really amazingly simple and powerful mod. Coming with a hybrid connection, meaning you get a direct connection between the atty and the battery inside the mod. You want to be extra cautious when using a hybrid connection. Because of the direct connection you have more of a chance of a stuck connection or damaging your battery.

Built out of a single copper tube, the SMPL is loaded by taking off the button to feed the battery in. Because of the single tube construction you have little to no voltage drop due to threads in the body.

Grab a SMPL for around $30.00

HCigar StingRay


The Stingray is an all around superb mod, not just for beginners, the Hcigar version is some could say better than the original, They really went all out with this one, Silver plated copper firing pin and contact pin, all brass body, magnetic button. So ya check it out.

Grab one from vaperoyalty for $39.99

but you can find Stingray clones on the internet for $20 just not as nice

Nemesis Clone

nemesis modThis Nemesis clone by Hcigar is another great option, This time with a steel body a silver plated firing pin and “adjustable air” its a good and common choice for a first mod.

Get this one from VividSmoke for $39.99

If you are going to make the transition to a mechanical mod there are some things your going to want to buy to go along with your mod

  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Charger
  • Multimeter


Mod Maintenance

A mechanical mod is great because they are so basic in their design, but the down side to being so basic is that if the threads that connect the tubes together aren’t clean your mod wont hit to its full potential due to lowered conductivity. You want to take apart your mod from time to time and clean everything,

I found rubbing alcohol works best, just splash some onto a rag and rub down all the threads and every spot where metal touches metal, Plus it will make your mod look clean, The hardest part will be taking apart your firing button.

Below is a picture of the Hades firing button, you can see you have a spring a firing pin and the button itself, pretty simple.


Battery Safety

The batteries you buy and use in your mechanical mod are very important. Make sure you take good care of them, if they get dented up or the outer plastic or casing is coming off STOP using them. You do not want a battery to catch fire / vent. One other thing is

Basic Battery Safety Guide

  • use ONLY High End  IRC or IMR Batteries ( a good guide on the difference between the two types @ taste your juice.com )
  • Always buy your batteries from a reputable vendor
  • Buy a battery holder
  • Don’t let your batteries loose in your pocket
  • Make sure your Mechanical mod is properly vented ( has air holes in the tube)
  • Take good care of your batteries ( if they get dented or the plastic cover comes off throw away)
  • Buy a MultiMeter
  • Check your batteries with multimeter and change out when get down to around 3.5V
  • Buy and keep your batteries in pairs, if your mod takes 2
  • Don’t buy a cheap charger, you will only end up buying another later on anyway. We talk about a good one below

Mechanical mod Battery Safety Video

Battery Charger

This is the charger, you can save some money and buy the beginner charger with 1 slot BUT if you have the money spend the extra and buy a good charger. Most likely you will be buying a new one in a few months anyway if you buy a cheap one. A good charger is the
Efest LUC V4 


Mod Safety Tools

The MultiMeter

The Multimeter This is one of those things that you really need to buy when you get a mechanical mod, not only does it help check for performance issues it will help keep you safe,
You will most likely be starting to get into building your own coils around this time amd a multimeter is vital for building your own coils you can find if possible. These are a sensitive instrument so its a good idea not to buy the cheapest one you can get.

A Safety Fuse

A safety fuse is a pretty good idea, especially when your first starting out in the mechanical mod realm, this would just go between the mod and the negative side of your 18xxx size battery.


In-line Volt Indicator


You screw this onto your mod where your atty would go, then you screw your atty/tank onto it, You can then get a live reading of the voltage drop and stuff like that

The ohms Law

The ohms law is very important when you are working with mechanical mods and building your own coils. Here is a amazing video that will break down the ohms law for you in a way you can understand. Or should I say in a way that I could understand.

The Ohm’s Law Calculator (learn it use it)

ohms law

This calculator will help you figure out if your battery can handle the coil you built.

Well there you have it, I hope you have learned something from this article, maybe pointed to in the correct direction, maybe not,
but remember mechanical mods are a serious device, because they don’t have the fuses or circuit boards, if something grounds out it could potentially vent the battery and go BOOM.

Here is a entire page on vaping 101 and new vapers

Vaping 101

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