In the world of building coils you pretty much have two options, Kanthal or Nichrome. There are many variations of both and it can be a little confusing at first knowing what one you want. I hope this helps a few out there.


Kanthal A1

kanthal wireKanthal A1 is a ferritic iron-chromium-aluminium alloy, coil builders use it all the time, but at the beginning of this whole coil building hobby we have today nichrome was used much more than it is today, Once Kanthal started to came around more people loved it because its higher melting point and stronger more flexible than nichrome, it heated up quicker and its a pretty great all around wire to build coils with.

You can build super sub ohm cloud chasers coils with it or you can build a coil for your nautilus. Its cheap, heats quick but also cools quick, “Ive gone to other wires but always come back to round stock kanthal A1.”

 (ohm readings are Per Inch)

34 gauge – Diameter: 0.16mm Resistance = 1.758 Ohms

32 gauge – Diameter: 0.20mm Resistance = 1.145 ohms

30 gauge – Diameter: 0.25mm – Resistance = 0.696 ohms

28 gauge – Diameter: 0.32mm – Resistance = 0.439 ohms

26 gauge Diameter: 0.40mm – Resistance = 0.267 Ohms

24 gauge  – Diameter:0.51mm – Resistance = 0.17 Ohms

22 gauge – Diameter: 0.64mm Resistance = 0.109 Ohms

20 gauge – Diameter: 0.81mm – Resistance = 0.0067 Ohms

Flat Kanthal (Ribbon)

ribbon kathalRibbon kanthal is not a popular as the other wires we use, for one its a pain to work with compared to traditional round kanthal. This stuff is great for flavor as it obviously has a greater surface area, and heats up quick.

(ohm readings are Per Inch)

0.4 x 0.1 mm – Resistance = 0.95 ohms

0.5 x 0.1 mm – Resistance = 0.766 ohms

0.6 x 0.1 mm – Resistance = 0.64 ohms

0.7 x 0.1 mm – Resistance = 0.548 ohms

0.8 x 0.1 mm – Resistance = 0.48 ohms

0.9 x 0.1 mm – Resistance = 0.426 ohms

Nichrome 80


Nichrome (NiCr, nickel-chrome, chrome-nickel – Nichrome is a common alloy that is generally referring to any nickel, chromium and sometimes iron and or other elements. Nichrome is also the “OG” of the coil building word, in the beginning this stuff was king, but over time kanthal became the dominant wire.

Slowly nichrome came back and now is used fairly often in coils. because of the new nichrome 80 that has been around for a bit now. Nichrome take a little longer to heat up but it keeps its heat longer than kanthal. The 60 also has been said to have a more metallic taste over the 80.

16 AWG Diameter: 1.29 – Resistance = 0.259

18 AWG Diameter: 1.02 – Resistance = 0.418

20 AWG Diameter: 0.81 – Resistance = 0.652

22 AWG Diameter: 0.64 – Resistance = 1.0363

24 AWG Diameter: 0.51 – Resistance = 1.64

26 AWG Diameter: 0.40 – Resistance = 2.657

28 AWG Diameter: 0.32 – Resistance = 4.08

30 AWG Diameter: 0.254 – Resistance = 6.76

32 AWG Diameter: 0.20 – Resistance = 10.586

As you can see by the data (above) is that there is a rule in electricity, the size of the kanthal is directly proportionate to the resistance of the wire (your coil) The thinner your wire the higher the resistance or ohms


Gplat wireGplat wire is something special, because of this is also more expensive, but is it worth it? It heats up quicker than Kanthal or Nichrome, This stuff is for the serious cloud chasers, I actually have yet to use it but I hear great things for taste and usability. Although a recent finding may show Gplat is nothing more than 317L welding wire, Gplat was tested and the composition is identical to the 317L welding wire. Some have speculated that it really isn’t better than kanthal as kanthal on a scientific point of view, as 317L was never made for heat-resistant applications such as coils, but it just so happens to do the job well.


So what kind of wire should you use?

If i were to suggest what kind of wire someone they should use I would say Kanthal A1 round. It’s all around perfect for just about every application. The gauge you will want depends on what kind of vaping you want to be doing, and you will learn over time what works best for you, but on average you will be using between 22-28 gauge Kanthal

We wrote an article on the best webs sites to get Kanthal


Twisted Kanthal

But us vapers never can leave well enough alone. We started twisting these wires together to build super coils. I’ve seen people twist flat and round together with chain wraps in between, just insane stuff. But I wanted to show you how to make some of these twisted wires if you didn’t know already.

Lets hear about what your favorite resistance wire is in the comments below

Now take your new info and build some coils

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