As vapers mature and gain more experience, they begin to have preferences in their style of vaping. There are two main hits associated with vaping: the throat hit and lung hit. Vapers will try both to know the one that suits them, then look for ways to enhance the hit they get while vaping.

Here are just a few ways that you can enhance your hit:

Throat hit 

A throat hit is achieved when the vapor is held in the mouth and passed through the throat before getting to the lungs. It is defined as the feeling you get at the back of the throat when you inhale the vapor. You can get a strong or weak throat hit depending on your preference. A strong hit will feel like a cigarette, and if you are not used to it, you will find yourself coughing a lot. A weak hit is when the vapor goes down your throat smoothly and is less harsh compared to the strong hit.

A strong hit is preferred by those who want to feel satisfied within a short time while those who like gentle hits prefer taking their time while vaping.

There are things you can do to ensure you get the kind of hit you want.

If you want a strong hit:

  • You can use e-juice that has more nicotine.
  • The e-juice can have a high PG ratio. It can have some VG if you want to have vape clouds in the process.
  • You will have a stronger hit when the temperature in the vape tank is higher.
  • Menthol increases the chances of having a strong throat hit.
  • If you decrease the airflow while vaping, the vapor will be hotter and more concentrated, and this translates into a more robust throat hit.
  • You can try using a hemp wick to enhance the hit.

For a mild throat hit:

  • You can use an e-juice solution that has less nicotine. The more concentrated the nicotine levels are, the stronger the hit will be.
  • The e-juice you are using can have higher VG levels. You will produce huge clouds, but the hit will be very gentle.
  • You can lower the power to reduce the temperature.
  • You can use sweet flavors when it comes to your e-liquid.
  • Open the airflow to let more air in. The vapor will be less concentrated making your throat hit gentler than if there is less air going through the device.
  • Use cotton wicks while vaping as they give a gentler hit compared to other materials.

Lung hit

A lung hit is achieved when the vapor is inhaled directly into the lungs without passing through the throat. The main benefit is that lung hits produce more vapor than throat hits. The problem with this hit is that since the vapor is not going to the mouth, the vaper will not feel the flavors. Most people will prefer lung hits since they will have the chance to produce large vape clouds.

To enhance lung hits:

  • You can increase airflow – You will need to inhale more vapor since you will want to fill your lungs with it. You can get a vape tank to enhance your hit that has large airflow holes in the valve and the chimney.
  • To avoid excessive irritation, the e-juice used should contain less nicotine – It is advisable to get an e-juice with high levels of VG since it is great when it comes to producing huge clouds but remains gentle on your lungs. Using e-juices that have a lot of nicotine will make you feel irritated and you will end up coughing and will not enjoy your vaping.
  • You can reduce the power, so the vapor will not be too hot – You want to enjoy vaping and not get harmed in the process.

Depending on the kind of hit you prefer, these tips will ensure you enjoy your vaping. Make sure you have the right vape tank and know how to work with it when it comes to regulating airflow and increasing or reducing the temperature. Having the right equipment and these tips at hand will give you a chance to vape like an expert.

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