Hello fellow vapers. At Olympia Vapor Works we have been more than pleased with the amount of love we are receiving from you guys/gals. We are planning to add some new things in the coming months. Some are small and some big, but all of them for you.

Some things to look forward to.

New Custom Blends

We are currently taking data from the flavor lab and customer comments to compile a list of what flavors you love and want more of. We are trying to figure out if this should be a new product line or just add them to the current lines. Dr.Neptune and Signature Blends. If you have a suggestion for a new blend we would love to hear what you have to say. Feel free to send your comments to Brian@olympiavaporworks.com

New Flavor Lab Flavors

The flavor lab has become one of your favorite products. It’s easy to see why you get to create the blend you have been wanting to try. If you love Cotton Candy and Strawberry then “by golly” you should have it.

We are always looking for new flavors to let you play with and are currently in the process of getting more to add. Again if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to email them to Brian@olympiavaporworks.com

More D.I.Y Stuff

The D.I.Y area is one that is close to our hearts. So we want to start selling more products to help the D.I.Y community create the flavors they want. We already have our unique Pre-Mixed D.I.Y Flavoring. This allows you to basically just add VG and end up with a full blend of flavors by just adding a single pre-mix. You can buy just about every blend we sell in this Pre-Mix.

But that isn’t all. We have much more in the works. To stay up to date you can join our mailing list. This is the secret to any professional OVW customer. You can get the 411 on free juice, contests, new flavors and all the other stuff we like to share. To subscribe just look to the sidebar of this page for the subscriber section. (Hint its the last thing in the sidebar on the right side.)

Keep the Education Going

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