Hey OVW Fam, I figured it was time to share with you some tips and ideas on mixing in the Flavor Lab. I know it can be tuff coming up with ideas for a new blend. I deal with that all the time. So I’ve come up with some ways to quickly get ideas for a new blend.

Flavor Lab Flavors

With all of those flavors to choose from, it can be daunting trying to figure out what to pick when you are sitting in front of the list.  But no fear, I am here to try to give you some more ideas ontop of the Dr.Neptunes Cookbook. By the way will probably get updated with this info as well.

One way I like to think about mixing flavors is by playing a little brain storming game you could call it.

Take the flavor Cream. Simple yet smooth and delicious. What can we do with this flavor? Lets make a list because everyone loves a good list.

Flavors that Go with Cream Flavor (Not in any order of specialness)

  1. Peach N’ Cream
  2. Blueberry N’ Cream
  3. Strawberry N’ Cream
  4. Orange N’ Cream
  5. Banana N’ Cream
  6. Caramel N’ Cream
  7. Butterscotch N’ Cream
  8. Marshmallow N’ Cream
  9. Kiwi N’ Cream

Just by thinking about all of the times I’ve seen cream used with another flavor or have tried a mix that i loved I can quickly come up with a  good list of flavors to pick from.

You can take this one step further by thinking about what flavors go with the flavors we just listed.

  1. Blueberry – Peach N’ Cream
  2. Strawberry – Blueberry N’ Cream
  3. Custard – Strawberry N’ Cream
  4. Vanilla – Orange N’ Cream
  5. Blueberry – Banana N’ Cream
  6. Custard – Caramel N’ Cream
  7. Caramel – Butterscotch N’ Cream
  8. Banana – Marshmallow N’ Cream
  9. Lime – Kiwi N’ Cream

Then you take a step back and see that we just created 9 custom and potentially delicious blends.  You could do this little brainstorming game with any flavor.

Blueberry Is now the root flavor.

  1. Cream N ‘ Blueberry
  2. Strawberry N ‘ Blueberry
  3. Raspberry N ‘ Blueberry
  4. Cupcake Batter N ‘ Blueberry


  1. Banana – Cream N ‘ Blueberry
  2. Vanilla Custard – Strawberry N ‘ Blueberry
  3. Cotton Candy – Raspberry N ‘ Blueberry
  4. Waffle – Cupcake Batter N ‘ Blueberry

So as you can see by doing this simple game you can create a ton of options relatively quickly. I hope this has helped to get your gear turning. Enjoy your day 🙂

Now get in there a mix up a masterpiece

Dr.Neptunes Flavor Lab

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