Red Dragon E-juice

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Red Dragon is highly loved blend in our Signature Line. We took our custom strawberry E-juice Flavoring that is made with multiple strawberry flavors and mixed it with a sweet Dragon fruit flavor. We then added juicy apricot to round everything out.

This product comes in a vaping kit. This easy to use system will allow you to easily and quickly mix a bottle of this flavor. Just pour bottle A into bottle B and mix.

Can I return if I don’t like my order?

Yes you can. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do I need to Steep my juice?

Nope. Your juice will be delicious when you get it. With that said you will bring out more flavor by letting it sit in a dark, cool area for a while.

Will my Coils Gunk Up?

Nope, Our juice will not produce gunk. We do not use Sugar sweeteners. Thus your cotton, coils, and heads will last 5-10 X longer as a result. Check out this Infographic of a Month long E-juice Gunk test for the results.

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7 reviews for Red Dragon E-juice

  1. John Seery

    Absolutely amazing flavor. Has become my all-day every day vape. It’s just perfect. Pull the trigger!

  2. traviscscaife

    Stop thinking about it and just buy it. Absolutely one stellar of a juice.

  3. Eli

    Vaped with Herakles Plus Sub Ohm tank between 35-50W. Cloud chaser mix, 4mg, loaded with flavor. This one helluva juice. Reading the description as an “hd” flavor I was curious to what that was supposed to mean. It has a mostly dragonfruit and real strawberry draw with a clean, smooth throat hit, and a sweet strawpricot exhale that I can’t really describe other than very complex. HD or 3D is a good description for this. Very flavorful and some decent cloud production. Awesome vape

  4. Kenneth

    Decided to try a few new juices out last month. Red dragon is by far my favorite. It stays in at least one of my tanks. The flavor is very well developed. No single flavor outweighs the other. Clouds are nice. Don’t think twice about this juice!!

  5. mojopin88 (verified owner)

    Just discovered OVW. I was so impressed by this juice that I am placing another order today. Very complex, sweet but not overpowering. A good, mellow ADV with an exotic twist. Give it a shot.

    • Brian W.

      thanks man glad you enjoy it 🙂

  6. jlcoleman03 (verified owner)

    Absolutely delicious!

  7. msurdyka2931

    One of my favs! The apricot finish really works well! Awesome!

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