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Are you ready for the best Strawberry Custard in the entire universe? Dr.Neptune’s Strawberry Custard E-juice Flavor E-juice is a delicious blend of our special Strawberry flavor paired with our deliciously smooth Vanilla Custard.  To top everything off we added a smooth cream flavoring. This is in our opinion the PERFECT Strawberry Custard, the multiple Strawberry flavors mixed with the smooth Cream and  Custard is simply amazing.


This product comes in a vaping kit. This easy to use system will allow you to easily and quickly mix a bottle of this flavor. Just pour bottle A into bottle B and mix.


Can I return if I don’t like my order?

Yes you can. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do I need to Steep my juice?

Nope. You will never have to steep your juice in order for them to be delicious. With that said you will bring out more flavor by letting it sit in a dark, cool area for a while.

Will my Coils Gunk Up?

Nope, Our juice will not produce gunk. We do not use Sugar sweeteners. Thus your cotton, coils, and heads will last 5-10 X longer as a result. Check out this Info-Graphic of a Month long E-juice Gunk test for the results.

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13 reviews for Strawberry Custard E-juice

  1. carey8577 (verified owner)

    The only custard I can’t put down. Amazing strawberry flavor with just the right amount to custard to be perfect. My new ADV.

    • Brian

      thanks man it means a lot to hear that

  2. K.R.

    So one day just like most of u I was watching youtube juicereviews and omv was one I was instantly ordered the sample set of Dr Neptune to try it out I received a email from the owner saying that he ran out of 5 ml bottles on the last one and asked if I mind if he sent me a 15 ml bottle of strawberry custard to fulfill the order of I said that’s cool once I got it I tried all the flavors which are all amazing but I instantly became addicted to strawberry custard it’s that amazing it’s like vaping a smooth rich flavor cloud Brian I’ve told u many times u are a true master and I will buy this juice as long as u make it

  3. Kyle (verified owner)

    Brian, this has to be the best flavor out there. I will make sure to buy this every time I order from you. Keep it up!

  4. William L (verified owner)

    Imagine the best strawberries layered on the most creamy custard you’ve ever tasted and you have Dr. Neptune’s Strawberry Custard.
    I’ve tried at least 25 different Strawberry Custard and I’ve had a couple really good ones, but I’ve NEVER had one that hits every taste bud like Dr. Neptune’s. I actually got it as a sample the first time and before a week past I ordered 60 mls of it.
    As good as the juice is the customer service is even better. I’ve never been treated as if I was the only customer, but Brian made me feel like I was. I am a OVW customer for life! Keep up the awesome work!

  5. AJ Lawens (verified owner)

    I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this juice. The only complaint I have is that it’s too good to last for very long. I have a 60ml bottle in the cart right now and I plan to buy another every chance I get. Plus my whole house smells like strawberries and that’s awesome.

  6. Stacy Anderson (verified owner)

    THE MOST AMAZING FLAVOR!!! My ADV. If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth the price and very much more. Am recommending it to ALL my friends!!

  7. Alery

    It’s like you bottled unicorn tears. Fantastic flavor.

    • Brian W.

      Ya know I have to admit, I can honestly say I have never tried any other custard e-juice. I started making juice before I really tried much other flavors. Mostly because I couldn’t find anything I liked anywhere. anyway ya thanks for the compliment.

  8. Jeanne Hyatt

    Noob vaper, here. Being new to vaping, I’m also new to eliquids. Buying eliquids, sight-unseen is pretty risky business. All these glorious descriptions! All these wacky names that have nothing to do with the flavor. Hardly any that I’ve tried were even vapable let alone something that might be considered as enjoyable [like, maybe a tad sweet, at least? The last order I placed before trying Dr. Neptune’s Strawberry Custard was from a highly regarded juice line and for 6 large bottles and the only one that I could stand was the little freebie bottle. That’s a lot of cash wasted. I thought maybe I wasn’t “cool” enough because I couldn’t stand these juices that everyone gave rave reviews on. Then I found this. OMG, I thought I had died and gone to vape heaven! This juice is wonderful. It was gone in 2 days. I don’t even know what the difference is between a flavor on the inhale and a flavor on the exhale but I know you will like this juice. Trust me. Just BUY it! If you don’t like it, I’ll buy it back.

  9. Chad

    Dang, this is hands down the best juice I’ve ever had. Ripe strawberry flavor with a hint of custard. They do juice right at Olympia. The juice is all clear and it almost taste natural. My Uwell Crown coils are loving this juice. Bought the cloud chasers blend and bam, that flavor is the bomb. My new all day vape. Highly underated juice, well definitely be spreading the word of this juice out here in good old Indiana.

    • Brian W. (verified owner)

      Hey Chad, thanks for the kind words. Please feel free to tell anyone you want 😉 We won’t get mad

  10. JN Cruz (verified owner)

    Wow. I got this in cloud chasers mix at 2mg with extra flavor in 60ml and it is sooo delicious, and the price is reasonable. Finally! After steeping a day or two it was perfect. Very smooth and creamy and the strawberry is excellent very real ripe flavor. I love it. Also great customer service 5stars all the way

    • Brian W.

      Thanks Cruz We try hard to make what we all love

  11. Kris

    I’m accustomed to a dominant custard flavor and a trailing secondary flavor. Due to this bias I place it at 2 stars.
    You definitely get a strong strawberry taste with a hint of custard, which by no means makes it bad in any way, just different.

    I use a triton 2 and it runs very clean! Still a good mixture, just not my preference.

    • Brian W.

      Thanks Kris , ya Our custard is on the lighter side for the strawberry Custard. If you want A blast “O Custard Id suggest trying the flavor lab and picking maybe two custards and a strawberry. That way we know you want double the custard. Or even just leave a comment at check out and I will make sure you get the extra custard goodness with your blend. We mix all orders custom so it’s no big deal

  12. Eli

    This is a very lively flavor. The stawberry tastes like a fresh, ripe, sweet, right off the vine and is complemented nicely with a smooth vanilla custard finish. To me, the entire balance performs overall better than CRFT Strawberry Blonde. Well done again Brian

  13. Jessica (verified owner)

    My favorite flavor ever!

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