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Product line: Dr.Neptune
Get ready for a mouth watering, heart-stopping, jaw-droppingly delicious flavor.
The strawberry we use in blend07 is our own custom mix of multiple strawberry flavors to reach outstanding flavor without adding sweeteners. Then we add kiwi, blueberry and honeydew,. These 4 flavors together compliment each other amazingly well.

Can I return if I don’t like my order?

Yes you can. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do I need to Steep my juice?

Nope. You will never have to steep your juice in order for them to be delicious. With that said you will bring out more flavor by letting it sit in a dark, cool area for a while.

Will my Coils Gunk Up?

Nope, Our juice will not produce gunk. We do not use Sugar sweeteners. Thus your cotton, coils, and heads will last 5-10 X longer as a result. Check out this Infographic of a Month long E-juice Gunk test for the results.

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8 reviews for Blend07 E-Liquid

  1. Anonymous

    Blend 07 is an amazing experience of juicy fruit flavors that stimulate the tongue and get the mouth watering. Wicks come out clean after a few days binge.

  2. Amanda

    Fruit lovers dream! Definitely taste kiwi and blueberry on the inhale. It reminds me of jolly rancher candies,but it doesn’t have a “candied” taste. Very well put together.

  3. jennifer (verified owner)

    Blend 7 has earned its way into my list of all time favorites. My first 15ml was gone in 2 days! Super excited to have found a local company with awesome customer service that actually has great tasting juices! My wicks stay cleaner longer, no burnt taste at the bottom of the tank, just awesome flavor. The only regret is I spent too much time and money looking elsewhere! Congrats to the makers of Blend 7!

  4. Jeanne Hyatt

    Out of the mail, Blend 07 wasn’t my favorite of my order. Don’t get me wrong, t wasn’t horrible or anything….or even unvapable, to say the least! idk Maybe I should have steeped it? [Like I could do that with a brand new and fresh ejuice staring me in the face! ] What I “did” do was mix it in with a little bit of custard that I had leftover. I’m new to vaping and therefore, ejuice and I’m thinking maybe some of these all fruit blends require a little cream-type base? Or maybe it’s just me because, being new, I like my juice super-sweet and right away. I would certainly get it again, because it blends so well and is such a great vape once I add a tiny bit of something vanilla-ey. [which also makes me feel like a Master ejuice blender 😉 ] I also Like Brian. What a guy! I like how he writes articles and posts tons of useful information and easy to read articles and tutorials [RDA builds] for noobsters like me. It’s like going to school and smoking in class at the same time. 🙂

    • Brian W.

      Thanks for the truthful review. Maybe next time we can put in a sample bottle of custard so you can add it to your flavors 😉

  5. Eli

    This is very tasty. The fruity draw and melon exhale make it a very comfortable ADV for anyone who can appreciate a true to taste fruity masterpiece

  6. Mike

    Ive been vaping for 1 1/2 years and I want to say it took me way too long to find OVW and blend #7 It has been my all day every day vape for about a year, it just doesn’t get old! I have sampled every OVW flavor and they are all good! Great prices, quality product and stand up customer service!

  7. Rip

    Superior balanced blend of stellar fruity flavors without all the added gunky sh#t. Spectacular customer service, speedy free priority shipping , it all sums-up to savings$ so Thank you for your store!

  8. Ron

    Superior blend of stellar fruit flavors without all the added gunky stuff. Spectacular customer service. Speedy free priority shipping, all Sums-up to Savings$ So Thank you for your Store!

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