Blend07 D.I.Y Flavoring Concentrate


  • 7ml Makes 45ml of Final Product
  • 15ml Makes 90ml of Final Product
  • 30ml Makes 180ml’s of Final Product
  • 60ml Makes 360ml’s of Final Product
  • 120ml Makes 720ml’s of Final Product
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Blend07 was one of the first flavors that were created when I first started to make my “dream blends”. These were for my personal use. Before OVW was a company. Our Blend07 Concentrated D.I.Y flavoring is the EXACT same stuff we use to create our blends. Trust me they aren’t cheap. But I never wanted to cut corners on the most important factor in delicious E-juice. Good Flavoring. Just like cooking you get a good meal when using good ingredients.

To start out, we take out two custom blends (OVW) Strawberry & (OVW) Blueberry. These two flavors are created using multiple flavors to achieve a full and rich flavor profile. Then we added in Kiwi because strawberry and kiwi and like bread and butter, they just are perfect for each other. To tie it all together Honeydew comes in to fill in all the flavor gaps left behind. These 4 flavors blend and bring the best out of each other to end up with a flavor achievement matched only possibly by pizza. Because well pizza is dang good.

Key Benefits 

  • Stressless D.I.Y blending with our pre-mixed concentrated flavoring.
  • No Sweetener added or needed to be delicious. Thus, your juice won’t create GUNK
  • No more throwing away failed D.I.Y Creations, get Delicious blends every time.
  • No Steeping required (but it does bring out more flavor)
  • Less time mixing means more Free time to learn Ninja Skills

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