Today I want to talk a little bit with you about 1 topic, 1 very specific topic and 1 very specific topic that I personally have a conviction towards. I have spent time dealing with this problem, This Problem is E-Juice GUNK.

What Is E-Juice Gunk?

E-juice Gunk is that stuff you get from E-juice that has Sugar/Sucrose in it. It will start to turn your liquid a darker color within the first few hours, after a day you start to buildup the “Gunk” around your coils, if you use a tank with atomizers, the Gunk will start to clog the air ways hurting the performance of your E-cig.

Gunk is formed from two main factors

  • Heat
  • Sugar/Sucrose

Many E-Juice manufacturers will use sugar to sweeten the juice, Sure it will taste really sweet but at what cost?

whats the best way to clean off E-juice gunk?

E-juice Gunk like we spoke about is nothing more then baked on sugar/Sucrose, SO to clean this off your dripper, tanks,ect… the best way I found is to boil them,

Step 1.

Boil Water

Step 2.

Put boiled water in bowl

Step 3.

Place Parts in bowl Let soak till water is cold


Step 4.

Dry burn your coil a few times to help get any left over gunk off.

(repeat till clean)

Depending on how bad your gunk buildup is you may need to put the tanks parts directly into the boiling pot on the stove, Just make sure you don’t put any plastic parts into the boiling pot, they will warp,

Now you would never have to do this everyday if you got some good E-juice without sugar in it. Like our E-Juice for instance

How to Avoid Gunk?

The best way to protect your self from Gunk is to use E-juice without sugar in it, I just so happen to know someone who can help

Olympia Vapor Works

that’s how… Come on what els did you think I was going to say

We never use Sugar to sweeten our blends, We start with quality delicious flavors and build up from there, Not just load it up with sugar. The outcome of this is you get E-Juice that will never GUNK UP, This is a picture (below) of a dripper Used for 18 days, same cotton, never washed it , just dripped and dripped and vaped to see how long it could go before needing to change the cotton.Click here to read how we make e-juice and how the ingredients are tested….



This is that cotton after 18 days. All I did before taking this picture is vaped till i got a few dry hits……Ill just let the image do the explaining…….

 Whats your favorite methods for dealing with E-liquid Gunk, tell us in the comments below


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