Drippers were the only thing a self respecting cloud chaser would ever be caught with in public vaping on a few years ago. Now with high performance RTA’s and Sub-ohm tanks on the market Drippers are less and less popular if nothing more than for the fact you have to keep “Dripping” in order to continually vape. Don’t be mistaken, drippers are still here and better than ever. Here is a list of some amazing drippers (RDAs) to try in 2016

Aeolus lite

Aeolda RDA

The creators of the Aeolus Lite RDA, Syntheticlouds took what they learned from their past creations and put that knowledge to use in their newest design the Aeolus Lite. Featuring Syntheticlous patented vertical airflow technology that shoots the airflow down via 4 vertical slots that are aimed directly at the coils top side to produce amazing vapor and flavor.This design has 1 added side effect and that is this RDA is really good at not spitting all over you when you tip is on its side or whatever you did to make it mad.

The deck features 4 huge posts with 2mm terminals. Also classing it up a bit with the 18K Gold plated center post and 18k Gold plated brass contacts for absolute great conductivity. The double o-ring base is a nice design for seal-ability and overall feel of taking the cap off and getting that nice tight seal.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Three Piece Assembly
  • Double O-Ring Sealed Base
  • Split Positive Build Deck
  • Anti Leak Design
  • Flathead Screws
  • 18K Gold Plated Center Post
  • 18K Gold Plated Brass Contacts
  • 11mm Delrin Competition Top Cap
  • 2mm Terminals
  • Anti Spin Square Center Post
  • Adjustable air flow
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Deep Juice Well

Grab a Aeolus Lite RDA for around $45.00
  Check out the Aeolus Lite RDA


Double Vision

Double Vision RDA

The Double Vision RDA at first look is just a really beautiful RDA, the anodized aluminum sleeves really pop against the black finish.

The Vision has HUGE 3mm X 4mm post holes making this RDA very easy to build on. The juice well is a generous 6mm deep and comes with a brass plated positive post with the deck milled negative post. Once cool thing for competition crowd is that it comes with an extra build deck for quick swap outs in the heat of battle.


  • 22mm In Diameter
  • 3mm x 4mm Oval Post Holes
  • Easy To Build on
  • 6mm Deep Juice Well
  • made from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Interchangeable Decks With All Compvape RDA’s
  • Deck-Milled Negative Post (Milled To Bottom Of Well)
  • Brass Silver Plated Positive Post
  • Reduced Barrel Height To Increase Vapor Density & Flavor

Grab a Double Vision for around $60.00
  Check out the Double Vision



Subzero RDA

The Subzero RDA was designed with performance and clouds in mind. Featuring a standoff deck with deck-milled no spin dual post design, the Subohm is extremely easy to build on. The post holes are bored to 2.5mm and are arranged in a vertical stack configuration for limitless build options.

The airflow on the Subohm RDA was designed for flavor and to produce massive clouds. Featuring a fully adjustable airflow system with 6 air slots around the base that feed into 2 air channels that point directly at each coil to produce those huge clouds we were talking about while simultaneously acting as a anti spill feature like some other RDA’s on our list.


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 4mL Juice Well
  • Standoff Deck design
  • 2.5mm Post holes
  • Single or Dual Configurations
  • Copper 510 Contact Connection
  • Delrin Widebore Competition Chuff Cap
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Deckmilled No-Spin Two-Post Design
  • Six Adjustable Cyclop Airslots

Grab a Subzero RDA for around $59.00
  Check out the Subzero RDA


Illustrious v2

Illustrious RDA

The new Illustrious RDA by Optimum Mods is a powerful new RDA for the vaping community to play with. Made from 316 Stainless steel and featuring 6 3mm diameter airholes around the edge of the body to allow for adjusting the air intake. The posts are a square type design with 2.7mm holes for a wide variety of coil options. The square post design is for strength.


  • Made from 316 stainless steel
  • – Diameter 22mm x 16mm height
  • Square type tri-pole
  • 2.7mm Post holes
  • Peek insulated positive terminal
  • 3mm diameter air holes with single build option

Grab a Illustrious for around $54.00
  Check out the illustrious


Nova22 (N22)


The N22 by Sector one Vapors is another one of these RDAs that are so beautiful you could just put one on your desk for decoration and it would look great. Made from 305 SS Grade the N22 has a bottom airflow design with 8 Internal Airholes feeding the coils with plenty of vapor producing air. The three square posts are huge and the post holes are huge, at 2.5mm. With solid negative poles and copper positive AFC pin combine to crate strength and conductivity that you wont be disappointed with.

The air draw has been said to be a little on the tighter side but some people love that style and Personally I like it. The juice will is adequate at 7mm in depth allowing for a few extra puffs before you have to drip again.


  • 304 SS Grade Brushed
  • 21 MM Base Diameter
  • Solid Negative Poles
  • 7mm Juice Well
  • Copper Positive AFC Pin
  • 1.5mm X 8 Internal Airholes
  • 2.5mm Positive Pole Hole
  • AFC Top Cap
  • 2mm Negative Pole Hole
  • Peek Insulator

Grab a Nova22 (n22) for around $93.00
  Check out Nova22



Rhyno Rda

The new Rhyno Pro RDA by Standard functions is designed with the all important Clouds in mind. The adjustable airflow controls turn the two cyclops style airholes on either side of the top cap to give you great control.The holes are 7mm X 2.5mm that shoots air directly underneath the coils to produce huge clouds and flavor.

The deck features positive posts and a 510 center pin that are actually plated in 24K gold. All 4 posts have the T-style slots and 2mm post holes to allow a great variety of coil options. The juice well is 3mm deep and the top cap allows for slammed caps or delrin chuff enuff style caps.


  • 22mm diameter
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24k gold plated posts
  • 24k gold plated 510 pin
  • 4-post design
  • T post style
  • 2mm post holes
  • 3mm juice well
  • Additional stainless steel slam cap
  • Delrin chuff enuff style top cap

Grab a Rhyno for around $55.00
  Check out the Rhyno



Indestructible RDA

The Wismec Indestructible RDA by Jay Bo Designs has incorporated many features that work well in other RDAs on the market to design their version of the best RDA. Featuring Jay Bo Designs signature side airflow system and using a vortex flow design that allows the user to control the airflow to the system by twisting a tension fitted airflow washer. (That’s a mouthful). The Indestructible has 8 2.5mm airholes pointing towards the coils producing huge clouds.

The center posts are actually together into a single cyclops hole to fit large amounts of kanthal into allowing for unlimited coil options. The negative posts are milled into the deck in a interesting shelf configuration that helps in ensuring constant strong contact with your wire.


  • Airflow Washer
  • Quad 3mm Airflow On Both Sides
  • Vortex Flow Sloped Airholes
  • Adjustable Via Tension From Threaded Sections
  • Enlarged Offset Airhole Cluster
  • Signature Jay Bo Side Airflow
  • Open System Post Terminals
  • Hexagon Screws
  • Shelf Style Terminals
  • Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Stylistically Enlarged Juice Wells
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • 10mm Integrated Sloped Drip Tip
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Deckmilled Negative Posts

Grab a Indestructible for around $45.00
  Check out the Indestructible

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