We understand some people want to make their own juice. For money reasons or just because it is fun. We wanted to offer these creatives the chance to enjoy the same delicious flavors that keep us open.

After a ton of customers and friends that D.I.Y have been hounding me to get these together for sale. I now am very pleased to announce that you can get some amazing Concentrated flavors for the D.I.Y community.

These flavors are the same flavors we use to create the same blends you all have come to love and expect from Olympia Vapor Works. All are food quality delicious flavors.

What sets our flavoring apart is we custom mix the flavoring to give you a head start on a delicious creation.

(OVW) Strawberry


This is the one that turns a simple Vanilla Custard into the loved Strawberry Custard.(OVW) Strawberry.. We use multiple strawberry flavors together that really compliment each other and help to produce a massively tasty and full vape.

(OVW) Strawberry Concentrated D.I.Y Flavoring

(OVW) Blueberry


Our (OVW) Blueberry is another custom blend that was created to make a simple flavor amazing. We took multiple blueberry blends that worked with each other in amazing ways to end up with the flavor we have today. I couldn’t see BlueRazz or Blueberry Custard without it.

(OVW) Blueberry D.I.Y Concentrated Flavoring


HoneyLoupe D.I.Y Flavoring

Another flavor that we are offering is called HoneyLoupe

HoneyLoupe is another OVW Signature flavor. You wouldn’t have our Famous Elixir or Blend 07 without it. The Honeydew and sweet Cantaloupe flavoring were simply meant for each other. Soulmates if you want. This flavor is a great start to any blend.

HoneyLoupe Concentrated DIY Flavoring

Strawberry Custard


Yes it is true. You D.I.Y fans are now able to create the famous Strawberry Custard at home. Make it as strong as you like. We use our (OVW) Strawberry and a deliciously smooth Vanilla Custard to create this flavor.

Strawberry Custard Concentrated D.I.Y Flavoring

More to come

These are just a few of a large number to come. Check out Custom Flavors Page for all our blends and check back often for new flavors.

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