Having a good solid place to build and test your coils and devices on is always preferred. I’ve been on the search for a new ohm reader/tester building station for a bit now. It just so happens that I got an email from a guy that wanted to send one of their new Coil Master 521 Plus Tab units for us to check out and we could keep it if we just said what we thought about it. I’m game,

Coil Master


  •  Ohm meter
  •  Coil rebuilding deck
  •  Coil burning
  •  Reverse battery protection
  •  Short circuit protection
  •  Battery output voltage testing
  •  Able to work with single or dual batteries
  •  Resistance Measuring Range: 0.03-9.9ohm–
  • Resistance rate: 0.1ohm
  •  Connection: 510 threaded with spring loaded pin
  •  Charging: 5V/800mah Micro-USB
  •  Battery: Single or Dule 18650 battery driven (Battery is not included)
  • Automatically power off in 15 seconds while burning coil

To start out the Coil Master 521 Plus Tab is built really nice. One of the first things you notice about the new Coil Master is the outer case is not made out of plastic like in the old version. This new one is made out of a Zinc Aloy and ABS.

I would like to speak a little more on the quality of the new parts. The 510 connection is stainless steel with a gold-plated, spring-loaded pin. Remember when I was talking about how the parts that need to be strong and well made are? Well, this is one of those cases.

One of the great things about the Coil Master is all of the functions it can perform. You can use this is a ohms meter, coil building deck that can fire the coil as you build. This is a really useful feature. Usually, you would have to take it off the tester to fire the coil. With the Coil Master, you can fire the coil on the tester itself. To fire the coil and to test the coil or ohms just press the circular button that surrounds the deck.

You can power the Coil Master via the USB cord that comes with the unit or you can use one or two 18650 Batteries. (Not Included).

Now Like we spoke about the Coil Master can fire coils as well as test them. This is where the toggle switch comes into play. The switch you see on the side of the unit has three settings. On the right you have the ohms testing side, You will know you are in this mode because a blue ring will show up around the firing button. On the left side, you have the firing side; this side is how you fire the coil. You will know you are in this mode because the ring around the firing button will be red.

Other Cool uses.

The Coil Master Plus Tab comes with a few goodies. For instance these two clips. These plug into the Coil Master and allow you to test things like coils, batteries or mods. You can check the voltage and voltage drop.


If I did have one complaint about the new Coil Master and I’ve heard this from other reviewers. The screen. The screen is dark and hard to see.  If you take a look at this image from above you can see the screen. What you see in the picture is actually the best case scenario. It actually came out pretty clear but it’s usually darker. But really I mean you can see it so it is what it is. If you want a really bright display then you may have issues with this one.

In short, this is much more than a simple ohm meter or build-deck. The quality is on point, the things that this baby can perform are vast and very useful. If you are looking for a new build deck, or ohms/voltage checker look no further.

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