Coil Building – is one reason why I love the whole “Vaping Culture”

It has everything a geeky, techie, Mechanically inclined person could love. That doesn’t mean anyone can just jump in head first and start twisting up Kanthal and think they will be safe.

There is a certain level of responsibility and respect, one must use when working with electricity.
Doing something wrong could blow up your mod, or at least burn down your house.. or just get really hot….

The benefits to building you own coils

  • Better Vapor Production
  • Cheaper over Atomizer systems
  • Fun
  • You can fine tune your coil to match your vaping style

Coil Building Starter kits

The tools that you will need – to start building coils are fairly cheap and basic. Technically you can use a toothpick and nail clippers but we’re going to shoot a little higher.

To make life easier – rather than go over each part and where to get them, we will talk about a new product for us aspiring coil builders. The coil Building Starter Kit

Coil master Kit

Coil Master Coil Building starter Kit

This kit from Coil Master – comes with everything you need to start building coils.

  • Diagonal/Needle-Nose Pliers
  • Mini Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Ceramic Tweezers
  • Kanthal Wire
  • Coiling Kit V3
  • Ohm Meter
  • Pen Style Screwdriver Philips/Flat-head

One reason I like this kit is because the tools are quality well-built tools. And you can’t say that for all starter kits. Trust me I’ve looked.

Coil Master Build Kit by Coil Master

To read more about other coil building kits check out our article on them at
Coil Building Kits

Coil Building Material

You have a ton of options when it comes to the material that you will end up building and wicking your coils with. The type of wire you use will depend on a few things.

  • The Atty you are using
  • The Style of vaping you want (cloud chasing, etc..)
  • Overall performance (Do you want Fast ramp up/ slow?)
  • Do you want to run on a Temp Control device?

You have a good amount of options – when choosing what to build your coils with. 90% of the time you will want to be using 26-28 gauge Kanthal (See picture below)

You have a bunch gauges for this type of Kanthal but you will normally want to stick around 22-28 Gauge.

Other popular materials you can use are

  • Nichrome
  • Pure Nickle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Flat Kanthal

We wrote up an article on 6 Web sites to find Kanthal online

The wicking Material

The wicking material is the stuff that holds the E-liquid against the coil to produce vapor. Like the wire, you have a few options to choose from

  • Cellucotton Rayon Fibers
  • Japanese Organic Cotton pads
  • Vaping Specific fibers
  • Silica/Ekowool

Japanese Cotton

Japanese Cotton

If I had to suggest 1 to start with it would be Japanese cotton. This stuff is just about the best for everything. Although it is not as cheap as regular unbleached cotton, but not by much.

Cotton Balls

Organic Unbleached Cotton Balls

If you get cotton just make sure you get the Organic unbleached cotton. You can usually find this as a drug store. But your best best is something like amazon.

Now this isn’t an “you absolutely must do this”, but it’s a good idea to boil your cotton before using to wick. The cotton can contain a bunch of stuff from pesticides to herbicides and such, so here is a great video showing you more info and how.

How to boil Cotton

Sit back and enjoy this short video on How to boil cotton by Renegade White

SMOK TFV8 Sub-ohm tank

Wicking Tips

Building Your First Coil

To watch more Coil builds for new vapers check out our article on Coil builds for new Vapers

like I said before there are some other safety issues you will want to brush up on when learning to build coils. But that is ok because these things are pretty easy to get the hang of. And well if you can’t figure these out then you may not want to build coils anyway.

The MultiMeter

This is one of the tools that will not only help you get the best coil with the perfect amount of resistance but it will also help you test and debug issues down the road.

Using a Multimeter to test your Batteries and Coils

Battery Safety/Tips

The Ohms Law Explained Simply

That about sums it up. To help you hit the ground running here are some great coil build guides for beginners


That pretty much sums up the basics of building coils and getting started building them. I hope you learned something here and maybe got you started down the path of vaping or even hopefully, maybe, quit smoking.

  If you have any ideas on helping a new vaper start building coils let’s hear about it in the comments   

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