This RTA craze has gotten some pretty good momentum, everyone is getting on the RTA train, mostly because they are very useful, you do not need to bring a bottle of juice everywhere you go like you do with a RDA or dripper.

Mutation X MT-RTA

Mutation X MT-RTA by IndulgenceTaking a few subtle keys from the original Mutation X RDA this MT-RTA is a pretty nice design, they have the two air vents under both coils to give you really good flavor and vapor production, The negative posts are apart of the deck body giving you great strength and conductivity, the Split post for the two positive posts like in a RDA giving you a great deck to build on, its a little smaller than in the RDA for all the extra stuff that goes into a RTA but nothing out of the norm for this type of tank.

The Tank holds 5ml’s of juice with a two piece chimney setup. You get adjustable airflow and a stealth delrin wide-bore drip tip, and a silver plated brass 510 connection.

Pick up a Indulgence Mutation X MT-RTA for around $30.00
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Skyfall Squonk

Skyfall Squonk RDTAOk so maybe this is not 100% a RTA but its at least 86% so it goes in the article. The Skyfall Squonk RDTA by Focusecig is a interesting design, incorporating design elements from the RTA and RDA models to bring you the Skyfall Squonk. The Squonk as we will call it can be used as a RDA, a RDTA  or  a Squonk style atty. The different modes it can be ran is as a single or dual coil mode, single or dual airflow design, a reversible barrel for airflow selection and a wide bore drip top compatible with side airflow.

It draws the juice from the 5ml tank from under the coils in a bottom feeder style in the RTDA mode or as they say it is re-juices your cotton using its spring loaded squonk action, and refillable through its Squonk top…….squonk

Grab a Skyfall Squonk for around $42.00
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Goblin Mini

Goblin Mini RTAThe people over at Youde decided to minify the loved Goblin.  The negative posts are milled into the deck and the positive posts are combined into one post for the same reasons. The Airflow control is hidden under the base for a cleaner look.

The tank holds up to 3ml’s of juice not bad considering that this Goblin is a mini. One other neat thing that is mostly aesthetic but you get a glass drip tip with the Goblin min. Can someone say Pimpin. You will also be able to buy other colored pyrex  tanks so you can change the whole look of the Goblin and you can than make it match your…. stuff.

Grab a Youde Goblin RTA for about $30.00
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UD Bellus

Youde UD Bellus RTAThe guys at Youde made it again on our list, this time with the UD Bellus RTA. This one is a single or dual post design with two air holes under each coil for amazing flavor and vapor production. They drilled 16 air inlets into this thing on each side for super airflow. The chimney and drip tip are fluted to achieve a “turbine effect

The tank holds up to 5ml’s of juice and they designed the UD Bellus to be filled from the top avoiding any annoying leaking problems caused by a bottom fill system.

Grab the UD Bellus for around $30.00
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Zenith RDTAThe Zenith has been transformed into a RDTA by the designers over at Science of Vaping. Featuring a top and bottom airflow design with the top portion of the airflow system able to be adjusted to perfection. The rotating upper deck lets the user work on the coils with ease. The top chamber has been reduced for greater flavor.

The tank holds up to 3mls and you get a hold plated positive nut with a brass center pin. To top it off they added PEEK insulators for greater heat dampening..

Grab a Zenith RDTA for around $90.00 (ya..)
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Lets hear what you have been using lately to product those clouds in the comments below. Vape on


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