With all these new RTA’s on the market the old standby Dripper has taken a back seat in some cases, but any true vaper has to have at least a few drippers around. A good dripper or RDA can offer you more flavor and airflow than a RTA’s can. Now this is subjective but I think almost anyone who vapes one will tell you the same. Although RTA’s have come a long way in recent months.

Here are some amazing RDA’s for your cloud chasing needs.


Royal Hunter Mini

Royal Hunter Mini RDA

The amazing Royal Hunter is back, this time its his vertically challenged little brother the Royal Hunter mini. Coming in at a pint size 22mm by just 12mm in height. This squaty little guy sure packs a punch, the designers adjusted the airflow just so the air hits the coils directly producing more vapor and flavor than before. The build deck has been updated with Allen head screws rather than those awful Philips head or flat head screws depending on where you got it.

Of course the Royal Hunter still comes with the “High temperature acrylic drip tip with honeycomb spit back mesh ” we all loved from the original hunter. Like all mini RDA’s the drip well isnt much to admire but it still comes in at 2.5 mm.

Pick up a Royal Hunter mini for around $40.00


The Synaps


The Synapse RDA by Aethertech the same makers of the beloved Plume Veil is another squaty RDA with some serious vaping potential. Coming in at 18mm tall, that’s a whopping 6mm taller than the Royal Hunter mini (in case you were wondering). The zig zag shape on the side is not just for looks it is that shape so you can adjust the airflow to match the shape of your coil for better flavor and vapor production.

The negative posts are milled directly into the deck and the holes for your coil leads are huge while use of the PEEK insulator under the two positive posts in the center of the deck for optimum durability under high heat.

Grab a Aethertech RDA for $64.99 only from Origin Vape


Mutation x V4

Mutation X V4

The Mutation X has been on these lists of our from V1, they are just plain good. The design is great and on this version the V4 its no different. They have added two huge air vents going directly to the coils to give you the vapor and flavor you have come to love, but better. Like the Synapse the negative posts are milled directly into the deck for greater durability and conductivity. You also get a very deep juice well so that is always nice.

The airflow holes on the body have been turned into little diamonds, they say this shape is to induce vapor swirling. (don’t know but I like the sound of it).

Grab a Mutation X V4 for about $27.00



This RDA is pretty rare and hard to find images and info on, So I figured what better way than to let someone who has actually used one tell you about it. If you like this video make sure you check out his channel and show him some love.

OhmBoy Josh Youtube Channel

To grab a Aeronaut you will need to fork over about $64.99 to Eciggity



The APO V2 from Ghetto inc Customs all the way from the Philippines. Like the Royal Hunter and many other RDA’s the APO V2 comes with two inserts, 1 derlin insert and another with a honey comb overlay.The APO V2 also comes with two drip tips a wide bore and a normal bore.

The screws and the heads on them are huge, I don’t think you will have any issues with stripping heads or slipping screw drivers. The holes in the posts are huge as well as the juice well, I couldn’t find exact numbers but just know big. The two negative posts are also milled into the deck for strength and conductivity.

Pick up a APO V2 from Ghetto inc Customs for $79.00

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