It is that time once again my fellow vaping friends. The cloud chasing industry has gotten bigger and more popular. Every day and the design level of the RDA’s (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer)That are coming out are getting better and better. Here are what we think are some of the best for chasing the loved cloud.

Like always if you are new to vaping and new to building coils and Rda’s be careful and start slow when chasing the proverbial king cloud. Electricity can harm the crap out of you so stay smart.


Mutation X V4


The new Indulgence Mutation X Rda  – is set to be one of the most popular Rda’s out today. The deck on the V4 is where you are going to notice the biggest changes, To start you now have air holes directly under the coils that go under the deck and exit out the side to give you better airflow and more flavor. The Negative posts are milled out of 304 as part of the deck itself, this design will help with durability and conductivity. The post holes will accommodate builds with up to 20G wire.
Mutation X V4 Specifications

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 304 SS Construction
  • Diamond Airflow Holes
  • Bottom Feed Airflow Underneath Coils
  • 4 Post Design
  • Huge Post Holes
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Adjustable Airflow Control

Grab a Mutation X V4 RDA for around $30.00
Mutation X V4 from ElementVape



The 13 Heavens 9 Hells Rda by CompVape is an amazing Rda with a long name. This 22mm Rda comes with 2 Airflow control rings, one is black anodized and the other is made out of sold copper.

The four-post holes on this deck are huge at 3mm. This will allow for some huge builds, the screws that hole your wire are slotted for use with a straight blade screwdriver. The juice wells have been redesigned, they say it’s a 6mm juice well that was carved out to hold 7mm.

  • 2 AFC Rings
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Four 3mm Post Holes
  • Silver Plated Lead Free Brass Dual Hole Center Post & Contact Pin
  • Square Posts
  • 7mm Deep Juice Well
  • Slotted Set Screws with allen Screws included
  • Peek Insulators

Pick up a 13 Heavens 9 Hells RDA for around $60.00
13 Heavens 9 Hells Rda from Eciggity

Cloud Champ V2 RDA


This 22mm Rda by VPRS is an amazing RDA, made out of 304 Stainless steel this RDA was designed for Cloud Comps. The Cloud Champ has welded side posts and a copper center post for maximum strength and conductivity. VPRS added additional cloud chasing aspects by adding vertical slits to push the vapor directly up for a “cloud chasing effect”  Your guess is as good as mine here..

Cloud Champ V2 Specifications

  • 304 SS Construction
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Copper Center Post
  • 4 Post Design
  • Vertical Air Slots
  • Triangle Airholes
  • Adjustable Airflow Control

Pick a Cloud Champ V2 RDA for around $65.00
Cloud Champ V2 RDA from ElementVape



The KAZE Rda is a collaboration between Aria Built and The Cloud Kicker Society and man did they create a beautiful and amazing Rda. The KAZE uses a “Unique, top-side, adjustable airflow that runs down the sides of the sleeve to flow directly below the coils” this airflow is ideal for flavor and cloud production. With a 3.6mm juice well, tall posts and big post holes ranging from 2mm negative posts and 2.5 for the positive side you will have plenty of room to fit your builds.  The contact is adjustable and copper for maximum conductivity.

Grab a Kaze Rda for around $70.00

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