What makes a Cloud Chasing RDA? Many factors can come into play but for the most part you want great airflow, and conductivity. Those two factors are key for great clouds.

With the vaping community giving its designers feedback, new products are coming out all the time designed specifically for flavor and vapor production. Here is a new collection of some amazing RDAs that you can get and start making clouds.



The Aria Orion is a beautiful RDA with 24K Gold Plated all over. This thing is as beautiful as it is conductive. To connect your coils they give you huge screws and a unique deck system, For the drip tip insulation they use PTFE (aka Teflon) to keep everything cool for a pleasurable vape no matter how hot your build gets. The juice wells are fairly deep although I could not find an exact depth in mm.

Grab a 24K Gold Aria Orion RDA for $80.00

Royal Hunter


The Royal Hunter by Council of Vapor is one beautiful RDA, to start off you have the two negative posts milled to the deck. Packing a wide bore drip tip with a unique honey comb pattern to help prevent splash back and to help evenly move the air. With silver plated contacts for maximum conductivity.

Pick up a Royal Hunter for around $45.00



The Bullet by Sparkle/ Infinite is a new originally designed RDA and touted as a “Cloud Chasers Dream” utilizing the amazing PEEK material for insulation. They also use PEEK in two detachable rings that are said to create a “Typhoon system” which provides a heat-sink function for the airflow”.


image courtesy of

As you can see in the image above, there are the PEEK rings that cause the “Typhoon“, the Bullet has up to 12 different combinations of airflow control and a HUGE drip tip with the PEEK insulator so your insane sub ohm builds will not heat up your fancy chromed out drip tip. With up to 12 different combinations of airflow control you can dial in the perfect amount of air for your build, the two negative posts are milled into the deck for durability and conductivity and for the screws they give you Allen heads for durability and gripping power.

Grab a Bullet for around $34.00 (when in stock)

Aris PRO


The Aris Pro RDA by The Council of Vapor is first of all BEAUTIFUL with posts that are plated in 24k GOLD you know you will get the best connection possible and look sexy at the same time. Sporting a 6.6mm DEEP juice well, one really great feature is the airflow in the pro model has been upgraded for better performance and cloud production and it is located out-of-the-way of the juice well giving you an almost leak free dripping experience. (from what im told and read). The cap is glass so you get to see the dripper in action, something i personally find interesting. Plus ITS GOLD…
All in all you can grab an Aris Pro from MSV for around $36.00


Geyser RDA Rebuildable Atomizer by Dark Ronin Modz

The Geyser RDA by Dark Ronin Modz is an innovative and unique RDA design. Featuring four posts for your building pleasure all with huge Philips head screws, the airflow design on the Geyser is amazing, packing one hole for each coil you have four slots directly under your coils for the maximum flavor and cloud production.

The Geyser comes with two tops one with a drip tip and one competition top with a HUGE CHUFF style drip tipp and a PEEK insulator

You can grab and Authentic for $135.00 or a Clone for around $30 around the web

Project Sub-ohm SwirlFish


Project Sub-Ohm is at it again with SwirlFish, Featuring tipple variable size, diagonal air holes that gives it the name because it Spins the air toward the coils for even airflow. On the Side you have 3 slotted holes on either sides of the coils that is adjustable for the perfect airflow combination. The deck is average I would say, the juice well is 5mm and it does offer enough room for building. They  say that they designed this for the perfect user experience, with airflow working together with the coils and one symbiotic vaping machine.

Grab a SwirlFish by Project Sub-Ohm for $29.00

 Freakshow Mini (Project Sub-Ohm)

Project Sub-Ohm Freakshow Mini RDA

Now for another Project Sub-Ohm RDA , the Freakshow is an amazing RDA, the mini Freakshow even better, now Project Sub-ohm got their hands on one and added their own spin to this great RDA. the bottom airflow has been increased as well as the wick channels have been redesigned leaving little room to spare, you get 5mm juice wells and have three huge outer airflow slots and two inner airflow slots to feed this Freakshow to optimum vapor production. On the deck you have Allen keys rather than Philips heads for better gripping and less stripping and you get slotted post holes for building options, The copper contact pin is silver coated for maximum conductivity.

Grab a Project Sub-Ohm Freakshow Mini for around $29 @VaporDNA


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