One of my favorite parts about vaping is all the new advancements we are seeing in such a small time period. We went from twisting kanthal around screwdrivers to Sub-ohm tanks to using special ceramic coated heating elements.The benefits of using ceramic for the heating elements, versus traditional metallic based heating elements are fairly substantial.

  • Ceramic Coils Last 3-5 X Longer than Metal based coils
  • Less serious dry hits
  • Cleaner Flavor
  • Quicker Ramp up time (Faster Heating)

These tank systems are not the very first time we have seen ceramic being used to heat cotton in the vaping world. One of the first to use ceramic exclusively as a heating element are Vaping Donuts.

Vaping Donuts

Vaping Donuts

It started a while ago when we started to see these things called Vaping Donuts. These were cool because well for most of us at the time that was something new. A fun new idea to play with. Depending on who you got them from, some would be very brittle.

Although they gave us better flavor and lasted longer than the traditional coils, we knew that there was a better way.


OrkTank Ceramic Vape

The Orctank by Vaporesso

has the new ceramic CCell coil. The tank itself will hold up to about 3.5mls of E-juice. One cool feature is that you can replace the ceramic coil from outside of the tank. Meaning you don’t need to empty the tank to change your cotton or coils.

You fill the tank

via a top fill system, this helps prevent leaks as well as speeding up the filling process. The tank is made out of Pyrex Glass so it won’t crack with some types of juice, but you would want to be careful to not drop or slam the tank into something hard.


  • Tank holds 3.5ml
  • 510 Threads
  • Top fill system
  • Dimensions 62 X 22mm
  • Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 510 SUS Drip tip included

Pick up a Vaporesso ORCTANK CCell for around $45.00

Vaporesso ORCTANK CCell

Quality Premium Ejuice

Gigue Dolphin Ceramic tank

Gigue Dolphin Ceramic - Tank

The Dolphin by Gigue
can hold up to about 4mls of E-juice that you fill by the “innovative anti-leak top fill mechanism“. You just slide the top cover over and fill through this small opening. Pretty cool idea.

The ceramic used in making the coils
is a food-grade material. This makes for great flavor. One great thing about ceramic is even if the cotton is dry, the ceramic actually holds a little bit of juice in the tiny pores to help prevent hry hits..


  • Capacity 4mls
  • Dimensions: 62.5mm X 22mm
  • Wicked with Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Food-grade Ceramic Coils
  • Innovative top-fill design
  • Can run traditional N1200 Coils
  • 510 Drip tip

Grab a Gigue Dolphin for around $40.00

Gigue Dolphin

Krixus by Horizon Tech

Krixus Ceramic tank

The Krixus Ceramic tank by Horizon Tech

is a great tank. We recently featured this tank in another recent article Sub-ohm Tanks for February 2016. The Krixus uses Tungsten wire as the main heating element. This intern heats the ceramic that heats your cotton. Another great thing about this is you have almost no ramp up time, meaning you can get your clouds in almost no time, You hit that button and the clouds ready.

The tank holds 4mls of juice

and is held in a glass tank. You fill this glass tank via a top fill design helping prevent leakage.

  • Dimensions: 2-1/2″ X 7/8″
  • Tungsten wire
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Top fill design
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Heads use Japanese organic cotton
  • Resistance: 0.3Ω +/-0.1

Grab a Horizon Krixus Ceramic tank for around $50.00

Horizon Krixus Ceramic tank

Council of Vapor Defiant

Council of Vapor Defiant

The Defiant tank by Council of Vapor
is their newest tank, often called Mini Vengeance.The Ceramic coil runs at around 0.5Ω giving you great vapor production and flavor.

The pyrex glass tank section
is filled via a top-fill design. The tank holds 3.1mls of juice so it is not the biggest but it’s good for a few hours of vaping pleasure.


  • Dimensions: 22mm X 51.5mm
  • Capacity: 3.1mls
  • Resistance 0.5 Ω
  • Brass plated 510 connection
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Widebore drip tip with honey comb shield

Grab a Defiant by Council Of Vapor for around $22.00

Council of Vapor Defiant

Vapestorm Ceramikas

Vapeston Ceramikas

The Ceramikas by Vapeston
supports 20w to 100w VW mods and is said to have extremely great flavor and vapor production. The coils run around 0.3 Ωs and will last 3-5X longer than traditional coils.

The tank features a vapor cooling system
that also works in conjunction with the ceramic cup as it displaced heat well. This cooling system also has another added benefit as working as an anti spitback feature, prevents sucking up juice through the drip tip.


  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Fill via drip tip
  • 20-160W compatible
  • E-juice cooling system
  • Anti-spurting system
  • 22mm diameter
  • Food grade ceramic coils

Grab a Vapeston Ceramikas for around $35.00

Vapeston Ceramikas

Guo Altus CVU

Gut Altus Sub-Ohm Tank

The Guo Altus tank
is said to be the first Coil-less design with an advanced solid state heating unit. The Gold plated terminals will make sure you get maximum conductivity.

The tank will hold up to 3.5mls of juice
that you fill via the bottom of the tank. On the bottom of the tank you have 4 adjustable airflow inlets to feed the heating elements.


  • 23mm tank Diameter
  • 3,5ml tank capacity
  • Bottom Fill design
  • 0.5 Ωs at room temp
  • Balanced heating element for superb vapor
  • Gold plated terminals
  • One Year warranty
  • Food grade stainless steel.
  • Quad adjustable bottom airflow control

Grab a Guo Altus Coil-less CVU tank for around $120.00

Guo Altus Coil-less CVU tank

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