Okay so you want to build your first coil or you’re just trying to get the hang of it. First off you are going to need some Kanthal or Nickel wire, ranging in a variety of sizes but it’s safest to NOT go under 22 guage. Especially if you are new to building because it could over heat your batteries if they are not certified by a trusted company.

Next you should definitely get an Ohms meter to make sure you keep your resistance at a safe level  (I personally never go below 0.25) but to be safe let’s keep it above 0.50 Ohms on a 26 gauge wire (my personal favorite size.) Another tool that can help get you off the ground of wrapping wire is a Coil Winder Kit, that will definitely give you a hand on learning the tightness and length you need to wrap your coil.

To begin wrapping the wire keep  it tight and keep wrapping with each pass keep the wraps close together. For the 0.50 Ohms we are looking for on a dual coil build with 26 guage wire you should have 10 wraps per coil. Feed each leg into the posts in your RDA on opposite side so the coils are parallel with each other.

Now to wicking the coils, which can take some time to get just right. Before we get to that though make sure you buy either wicking cotton from a vape company or buy 100% ORGANIC cotton balls. Otherwise you are going to get a cotton and bleach taste (learned for personal experience.) If you went with the organic cotton balls, take one ball out and pinch a little of fluff up to unroll the ball. After it is unrolled cut about a 2 inches piece off the unrolled cotton ball.
After that cut the 2 inch piece in half long way, and then pinch one end of the sectioned cotton and roll it tightly between your thumb and first finger. Feed the rolled ends through your coils one half per coil. Make sure the cotton is snug inside but also has a little play. Then trim back the cotton just past the brim of the wells, and take a pair of tweezers or a small flat head screwdriver and tuck the cotton into the well. Make sure there is a little air pocket between the bottom of the coil and the cotton tucked underneath. After all that is done, take a bottle of your favorite juice (preferably an Olympia Works flavor) and soak the cotton. Once your cotton is soaked throw your cap back on top and there you go a vape ready RDA for you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!

Keep your head in the clouds.

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