Yes my friends, it is time for those out there who are electronically inclined enough to do this. If you are then you will love these 5 Videos on building your own Custom Box Mod. We chose these tutorials for You will learn how to build a DNA Box Mod | Dual 18650 Un-Regulated Box Mod | Regulated Box Mod with Mofset | VV Box Mod with Ohms Readout | ORK T-10 |

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Safety First

Now remember if you don’t know what you’re doing you could really hurt yourself, or burn down your house. So make sure if you do attempt build your own box mod that you respect the process and take your time.

So now on to the tutorials.

If you are still in the mood for some more build tutorials check out Building a Custom Box Mod 2

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Coil Build Tutorial Compilations

How to build a box mod 3
10 MORE Advanced Coil Build Guides

Keep the Education Going

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