Box Mods that are 200W and over would seem like overkill to the average vaper, but some, bolder few, challenge the norm and bring humanity to new level of evolution. Oh sorry we are talking about Face melting box mods. We are consistently seeing more and more power from these mods and I can only assume this wont be the last.

Disclaimer these mods will kill you if you are not safe and know what you are doing.

Vicious Ant Variant – TITANIUM Box Mod

Vicious Ant 250W Box Mod

The people over at Vicious Ant have out done themselves this time and created a true MONSTER. The Vicious Ant Variant – TITANIUM Box Mod pumps out up to 250 Watts of seriously face melting power. I’am not really sure when someone would need that much power, but I guess its good to know you have it if you need it, rather than need it and not have it.

Featuring a huge digital display that is beautiful for a box mod. The Vicious Ant wont run off your puny 18650 batteries. Oh no this baby only runs off Li Po Batteries. allowing for all of that juice to flow consistently. If that was not enough, they went one further and came out with a 350 Watt Box Mod, the Vicious Ant The Variant Ti 350W. Its basically the Titanium only more power. I believe that would make it the most powerful mod on the market. I am sure someone has DIY’ed themselves up some 1000W powerhouse box mod but on the market, that is the biggest.


  • Variable power: 5W-350W.
  • Variable Voltage: 2.0-8.4 Volt.
  • Grade 5 Titanium structure
  • 30 Amp output current
  • Min Atomizer resistance 0.2Ω
  • 1.3 “OLED Display LCD Screen.
  • Dimensions: 100mm X 43mm X 24mm

  Check out the Vicious Ant Variant

Tesla Invader III 240W Box Mod

Tesla Invader 3 Box mod

The Tesla Invader III 240W Box Mod is one of the newest and most powerful mods to come out of our friends in the east at Tesla Manufacturing. This mod is VERY hard to get info on, mostly due to it being so new and tesla not having the best marketing and promoting campaign. In any case this baby is pretty slick, cased in a Zinc alloy box the Tesla is actualy powered off dual 18650’s, and comes in 3 colors, Blue, Black and grey.


  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Max output power: 240W
  • Max output: 45A
  • Min atomizer resistance: 0.1Ω
  • Dimension: 90.5 x 50.5 x 23mm

  Check out the Tesla Invader III

SMY 260W Watt Box Mod

SMY 260w Box Mod

Element Vape has created a beautiful Box mod when they made the SMY 260W Box mod. Crafted out of Aluminum alloy, Carbon fiber and glass, the SMY 260W is as beautiful as it is powerful. Pumping out 250 Watts yet also has some great technology being all that power. Sporting a nice modest digital display that is nicely hidden behind the glass cover when not in use. you get real time battery readout and puff counter.

Running off 3 18650 batteries that will keep you puffing for a very long time. The battery cover is held in place with magnets making changing the batteries simple and the cover will stay in place.


  • 260W module chip
  • Resistance range: 0.3ohm-4ohm
  • Auto ohm resistance allows device to find ideal voltage for atomizers
  • Adjustable wattage button +/-
  • Real-time current/battery life readout
  • Chip runs cool to avoid heat and temperature sensor malfunction
  • Recommend Batteries with 30A or higher

  SMY 260W Box mod

Megatron 260W Box Mod

Megatron 260w Box mod

The Megatron Box mod would have made this list if nothing else for naming the thing after one of my favorite childhood icons. Packing 260 watts of power the Megatron is also really sexy, and sleek. The 1.2 inch OLED Display gives you a nice readout for all your vital statistics like battery and voltage. Featuring many safety features such as

  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage/resistance warning
  • over-charge/reverse polarity protection
  • Reverse battery protection circuit
  • Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Overtime vaping warning


  • Variable wattage: 7.0W to 260W
  • Output voltage: 5.7-12.6V
  • Output current: 4.8-30A
  • Input current: 0.8-1.2A
  • Input voltage: 12.6-13V
  • Copper center pin, adjustable
  • Sleep mode (2 minutes)

  MegaTron Box Mod
As you can see you have a few choices for a face melting box mod, but you should remember you may not really need this much power. If you are a new vaper you definitely DON’T need one of these, or you will die.  

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