Over the years bottom feeder box mods aka Squonking mods have grown and changed to become better and better as time moves on. Now many years later the industry has honed this squonking mod into a solid relatively leak-proof setup that can make vaping that much easier for the lucky few who possess such a device.
These 4 Squonking “starter kits” if you want to call them were chosen for their newness, quality and, user rating.



  • Proprietary Chip
  • Power Output Based on Current Battery State
  • 100W Maximum Output
  • 0.08 Ω Minimum Atomizer Range
  • Bottom Feed Bottle
  • 7.5ml Maximum Capacity
  • Magnetized Bottom Feed Door
  • Battery Sold Separately
  • Single Button Control Face
  • Oversized Firing Button
  • LED Light Indicator
  • PCB Circuit Board
  • Short Circuit Protection

The Mod

The WISMEC LUXOTIC is a Jay Bo design manufactured by Wismec. In the past Jay Bo has come up with some really great designs. User-friendly and practical they usually are some of the better vaping products. The Luxotic is no different. To start the buttons are really nice and clicky. Im a big fan of clicky buttons, they just feel better and more responsive. Maybe its just me but I like em.

All the buttons you need will be on the side. The firing button is the big round one on the top. It sticks out a bit making it very easy to fire.

Like all bottom feeder mods the Luxotic holds a tank inside the box that feeds juice to your atty. The tank holds 7.5mls of juice that you simply press the bottle and juice goes into your Atty. To remove and fill the tank you can simply remove the bottom honeycomb plate and slide out the bottle. (seen below)

The Atty


  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • Single Terminals (4mm by 1mm Each Terminal)
  • Side Mounted HexScrews
  • Large Build Area for Specialty Coil
  • PEEK Insulator
  • 6mm Deep Juice Well
  • Adjustable Airflow Systems
  • Two Back Airslots
  • 3mm by 3mm Each Airslot

The atty that you will get in this kit is the Tobhino BF RDA. This little guy is small but can certainly pack a punch. The deck is 22mm in diameter and sports a two post build deck with single terminals measuring 4mm X 1mm each.

The Tobhino BF RDA is a great partner for the Luxotic making this whole package a great addition for anyone wanting to get into the bottom feeder scene.


Pick up a Luxotic BF Kit for $69.99 VaporDNA.com





  • SnowWolf Chip Set
  • 10 to 130W
  • 1.0 to 7.5V
  • 0.05 to 3.0 Ω Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Temperature Control
  • Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel Support
  • TCR Functionality
  • Temperature Coefficient of Resistivity
  • 212 to 572 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Three Button Control Face
  • Oversized Centrally Positioned Hexagon Firing Button
  • 1.30 Inch TFT Colored Display
  • Dual Squonk Bottles
  • 3ml Capacity Each Bottle
  • Micro USB Charge and Update Port
  • Slide and Lock Button Battery Access Door
  • Spring Loaded Gold Plated 510 Connection
  • Reverse Polarity/Short/Low Resistance/Low Battery/Overheat Protection

The new SNOWWOLF VFENG Squonk 120W is a solid and very beautiful mod. All those angles.  The display on the VFENG 120W is nice and big coming in at 1.30 inches and colored.

To control the mod you use the three buttons on the front to navigate and change the settings. (seen above) On the display you have all the vital statistics you would want in a mod. From battery life, watts, ohms, hit timer. SNOWWOLF VFENG SQUONK 120W TC

The VFENG is powered by a single 18650 battery. This is loaded from the bottom and held nice and snug in place via the swing latch door.

To change and fill the bottles in the XFENG you simply remove the two side panels (seen above). Then you can simply slide out the bottles for filling. The bottles will hold 3ml each giving you 6mls of juice total. (I did that math all by my self 🙂)

The Atty

SnowWolf BF RDA


  • 27mm Diameter
  • Postless Build Deck
  • Quad Terminals
  • 3mm by 1mm Each Terminal
  • Side Mounted Hex Screws
  • Large Build Area for Specialty Coil
  • PEEK Insulator
  • 7mm Deep Juice Well
  • Adjustable Side Airflow
  • Airslots Feeds Directly Through Posts
  • 10mm by 2mm Each Airslots
  • Bottom Feed 510 Pin Pre-Installed

The RDA that comes with the kit is the Snowwolf BF RDA. This RDA features a postless build deck with side mounted hex screws. You can see in the image (below) the 4 large juice ports that feed the juice into the atty when the bottles are pushed giving you tons of juice to vape on.


Pick up a Snow Wolf VFeng Kit for $74.99 VaporDNA.com

iJoy CAPO 100W Squonker and Combo SRDA

iJoy CAPO 100W Squonker and Combo SRDA


  • 5 to 100W Output
  • IWEPAL Designed Chip
  • 0.05 to 3.0 ohm Atomizer Resistance Range
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • Micro USB Charge Port
  • Top Loaded Threaded Battery Cap
  • Accepts One High Amperage 18650/20700/21700 Battery
  • 9mm Bottom Feeding Squonk Bottle
  • Three Button Control
  • Enlarged Firing Button
  • Extra Large 0.91 OLED Display
  • Output Wattage
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Atomizer Resistance
  • Spring Loaded Stainless Steel Plated 510 Connection
  • Low Voltage/Current/Output Short Circuit/Load/Low Resistance/Overheating/Anti Loaded/Timeout Protection

The Mod

To start the IJOY CAPO 100W Squonker combo SRDA starter kit is a nice compact setup that can pump out an amazing amount of clouds.


Like all squonking mods the Capo 100W comes with a 9ML bottle for holding your favorite E-juice.


You can also get other tanks to hold up to 10mls of juice as well.To remove and or fill your bottle you simply pop off the outer thing (seen below). Then you can easily slide out the bottle.IJOY CAPO 100W SQUONKER AND COMBO SRDA batteries

When it comes time to change out the battery or install one you can easily unscrew the cap and drop in the battery (seen above). One unique feature with the IJOY CAPO is the battery. Usually, you run a mod with 18650’s or 26650 ect. The IJOY CAPO can run with three different sizes.

  • 18650 Battery (with adapter)
  • 20700 Battery
  • 21700 Battery

The Atty

Combo SRDA

IJOY CAPO Bottom Feeder Mod


  • 25mm Diameter
  • SRDA Interchangeable Build Deck System
  • SRDA-CE Deck (Preinstalled)
  • Pre-Built Fused Clapton Coils
  • 0.13 Ω
  • Knurled Top
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • 12.5mm by 1.5mm Each Airslot
  • 10mm Wide Bore ULTEM Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Squonk Pin

The Deck on the SRDA is really unique. Its an RDA deck meaning you can build your own coils but the big difference is the deck can be unscrewed and a new one popped on ready to go. Almost like a sub-ohm coil deck,

Pick up a iJoy CAPO 100W Squonker and Combo SRDA for $69.99 VaporDNA.com

ASMODUS X ULTRONER LUNA 80W Naked 100 Edition BF Starter Kit


  • UL-80-JX Chipset
  • Power Output Based on Current Battery State
  • 80W Maximum Output
  • 27A Output Current
  • 3.3v to 4.2V Output Voltage
  • 0.1 to 3 Ω Atomizer Range
  • 6063 Aluminum Chassis
  • 7ml Maximum Capacity
  • Magnetized Bottom Feed Door
  • Single 18650 Battery Powered
  • Single Button Control Face
  • Oversized Firing Button
  • LED Light Indicator
  • Reverse Polarity Protection/Under-Voltage Protection/High Resistance Protection/Thermal Protection/Over Voltage Protection/Low Resistance Protection/Short Circuit Protection

The Mod

The Luna Naked Edition is an 80W bottom feeding box mod made by ASMODUS.  Being a bottom feeder means you have a tank inside. This tank can hold up to 7mls of E-juice.

To change out the bottle or fill up the bottle you can simply open the magnetic door on the bottom of the mod and slide out the bottle.(seen above). The other door you see on the bottom of the mod of the battery door. This one you simply unscrew and pop in the new battery.

Overall the mod is very simple. Its mostly a mechanical mod with a few additional features. No screen, but you do get a led indicator. The firing button is the black circle you see in the (image above)

One of the biggest additions to the mod over a traditional mechanical mod is all of the safety features that come with the ULTRONER LUNA. You get Reverse Polarity Protection/Under-Voltage Protection/High Resistance Protection/Thermal Protection/Over Voltage Protection/Low Resistance Protection/Short Circuit Protection. SO yea not bad.

The Atty

Asmodus Fonte RDA


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • Single Terminal Per Post (3mm Terminal Per Post)
  • Side Mounted Hex Screws
  • Squonk Ready 510 Pin Installed
  • Standard 510 Pin Included
  • 3.5mm Deep Juice Well
  • Double O-Ring Secured
  • PEEK Insulator
  • Dual Adjustable Side Airflow
  • 8.5mm by 2mm Each Airslot
  • Single and Dual Coil Capability
  • Heat Sink Top Cap and Delrin Insulation
  • Prevents Heat Transfer To Mouth
  • 316 Stainless Steel Construction

The deck on the Asmodus Fonte RDA features a dual post build deck with wide3mm terminals in each post. Great for fitting in those more complex coils. The coils are then secured to the post via side mounted hex screws.

The airflow is adjustable by rotating the top cap like most RDA;s. The air slots measure 8.5mm by 2mm Each Airslot.

Pick up a ASMODUS X ULTRONER LUNA 80W Kit for $124.99 VaporDNA.com

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