The ability to adjust your Watts and voltage is a really great feature to have if you build your own coils and need something that you can adjust to perfectly match your coil build to. Also not spending over $100 bucks is a really great feature. The box mods listed below are some of the best but not only box mods you can get. We recently wrote an article Titles The best Regulated Box Mod for around $100 This is sorta an update to that article but this time all the Mods are Under $100


iPV Mini 2

ipv2 mini 70w

The IPV2 mini is an amazing little box mod with great power to handle your cloud chasing needs. With an output range from  3.6 V – 8.5 V and for watts 7 W – 70 W You can charge the IPV 2 with a simple usp charger OR the really cool part is you can use a 18650 battery as a replacement. The “Mini” Part means it’s really great for traveling and at 3-3/4″L x 1-9/16″W x 7/8″ its perfect for putting in your pocket on the move. It sports low voltage and resistance protection, High voltage input warning, and reverse battery protection.

Pick one up for around $65

Tesla 120 Watt

Tesla 120 Watt box mod


This is the Metal version, They also have a wood version but personally I feel this metal one would last longer. But i do love the wood look. If its pure Wattage POWER your after you can’t go wrong with the Tesla 120W, it has been updated to 120 Watts in this model. The Tesla can then be adjusted from 7 to 120 watt’s in 1 watt increments giving you great control over your vape. You can then put a build as low as  0.2ohms on the Tesla allowing for some insane cloud production. One really nice feature is you power the Tesla with two 18650 batteries rather than a build in battery like you see all too often. The Tesla also features the Low voltage protection as well as short-circuit protection and reverse polarity protection. Plus the back cover is magnetic. (nice feature)

Get your 120 WATT Tesla for around $70



The XPro BT50 is a new idea that im sure we will start seeing more and more off as we get more and more dependent on our smart phones, But we love it that way, anyway this puppy connects to your Android or Iphone



image from

The image (above) shows you some of the stuff you can do from your phone. You can adjust the Voltage/Wattage set custom modes than track everything with graphs. BUT there is a good mod behind all this flash and tech. With a voltage range from 3V – 12V and Watts from 6W – 50W and like the other mods in the list it can handle builds down to  0.2ohm. So with all that this is a pretty decent Box mod, It just happens to have some other really geeky techy stuff.

Pick up one for around $75

Cloupor T8

Cloupor T8 Box Mod

The Cloupor T8 is a great little box mod, The T8 is 1 of many in the Cloupor family from T5-T8,  With Watts ranging from 7W-150W and Volts ranging  5.6V—14V you will have without a doubt enough power for your needs. One of the best features of the Cloupor is that your able to update the firmware, Something you’re not able to do on many mods. This will give you the ability to update your features as technology progresses Also you are able to update from 150 to 200 Watts im told. Another great feature is that it takes dual 18650 batteries.

SO there is our pick for some of the best VV/VW Box Mods on the market, if you would like to continue your hunt for mods check out our lists of the best sites for Cheap ecigs mods and attys

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