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The Best New Sub-Ohm Tanks (People’s Choice)

Sub tanks have become all the rage in the vaping circles, mainly due to the fact that these tanks are getting subbier and cloudier day by day. Back in the day if you wanted to blow some huge clouds with a sub ohm coil you needed to be good at building coils and make your own. Now you can just screw on a pre made coil or Head and move on down the road in a cloud of joy.

That is the great part about this style of tank systems, easy to use, simple to replace coil/head , and they hit almost if not as hard as some of the best drippers out. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best ones on the market today.

Aspire Atlantis V2

Aspire Atlantis V2

With the Aspire Atlantis V2 they raised the bar again with improved adjustable airflow control ,a special ” Optimal Cooling system” and a new WIDE Bore drip tip. The Sub ohm heads are now 0.3 – 0.5 ohms, almost as low as the Arctic‘s 0.2 ohm coils but still perfect for the average vaper. The adjustable airflow design has been improved on giving the Atlantic a Leak resistant deign. Last but not least the V2 heads have been updated with bigger juice ports.

Grab a Aspire Atlantis V2 for around $35.00

Kanger SubTank PLUS

Kanger Sub Tank PlusThe Kanger Subtank Plus is a newest addition to the superb tanks in the Kanger Sub-Tank series. The Plus version comes with a bigger tank that can now hold up to 7ml of Juice and sports a new dual slotted adjustable airflow system that gives you even wider ranges of airflow control, with a redesigned 510 connection that is no longer spring-loaded but rather set in place. Also, the new rebuildable atomizer heads are made with organic cotton giving you better flavor. The reason its called Plus is because this can be used as a RBA, you can swap out the heads for a  RBA style deck.

Grab the Kanger Sub tank Plus for around $43.00


Arctic Sub Ohm TankThe Arctic by Horizon is a newer contender in the sub ohm category, made out of 304 Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass the Arctic can hold up to 3ml of juice making it a little smaller than the Kanger. The coils that come with the Arctic come in 0.2 and 0.5 ohms which they say is an industry first. Also the coils have a big juice hole that they say will allow for up to 100watts of vaping without dry hits. The coils are vertical and made out of organic cotton like the Kanger coils.

Grab an Arctic from Horizon for about $40.00

Delta II

Delta 2

The Delta II by Joytech  is their ringer in the SubTank Market, The Delta II has a user-friendly adjustable air-flow system as well as Liquid Valve Control or (LVC) head, that means you can control the amount of juice that flows into the coils or heads. One cool feature is they have a RDA coil you can buy that will let you make your own coils rather than use their pre-built ones.

Grab a Delta II for around $35.00


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