The RTA or Rebuildable Tank Atty is a great thing when done correctly. You can get all the power of a dripper or close to it without having to drip every so often. Just fill it up and go. The Kayfun has been the king of this niche market for some time now but it’s not the only kid on the block anymore that’s worth a damn. Here is some great Kayfun Alternatives RTA’s

(These are not all the “best” options for alternatives to the Kayfun theses are just our opinions as well as opinions of the people we talked to and many hours researching the options.)

To start off

The Kayfun V3.1 by Hcigar

kayfun v3.1

To start a list of the best Kayfun (killers) we need to take a look at what makes the kayfun so great. Made from Stainless steal the Kayfun operates off a closed system, So when you draw in air the juice is sucked up the wicks at the same time the same suction brings air up the center directly under the coil giving you amazing airflow and flavor. To further enhance the flavor the chimney that goes around the coil leading up to the drip tip further condenses the vapor giving you amazing flavor. Now… on to other RTA’s

The Kayfun Killers

The Billow


The Billow is a collaboration by EhPro and, To start off you can see some similar features in the Billow that remind us a little of the Kayfun, as far as the chimney and closed system design, but other than that, The Billow featured 4 posts and 4 deep juice channels, with 2 large 2.5mm airflow holes that can be adjusted individually of each other with little screws on the bottom of the base. I own this guy and I gotta say its a very nice RTA. It hits like a champ the flavors is amazing and its an authentic.


You can see from the top angle that it has two huge holes to help distribute the airflow evenly across the entire coil build. The 510 connection is copper and the tank portion can hold up to 5mls of juice. all this for only $34 THAT’S A DEAL. ( they should pay me for this post… just saying….Hi Ehpro….)

The Fogger V4

Fogger RTAThe Fogger has been around for a while now, this being Version 4, As you can see this also has the chimney design system for optimum flavor, with 4 deep juice channels just like the Billow and 4 posts for amazing coil building opportunity. The adjustable airflow control at the bottom allows for 4 levels of adjustment. The Center pin is made from copper for great conductivity, also like the Billow can hold up to 5mls of E-juice.

Pick on up for around $32

The Orchid V4

Orchid RTAThe Orchid V4 is a great RTA for flavor, Featuring two large air holes at the base give you even coil coverage, it also has 4 deep juice channels for wicking, and with 4 posts for building on, It’s a pretty good alternative for the Kayfun if you already like the design but with some of the kinks worked out.

Pick up a clone for around 15-$30

The Aqua V2

Aqua V2 rta

The Auqua V2 is a little bit different in design than the others in this list. The first thing that you notice is the posts but one cool thing about the Aqua V2 is you can switch it up to dripper mode. Its designed for dual coil builds and the air adjustment is on the top on this one. The tank capacity is 4mls and comes with a hybrid connection option.

Find a clone from around $20

Now we didn’t list all of the Kayfun, Tayfun, Russian 91%’s because there are tons and They are mostly kayfuns. We wanted to show you slightly different design options to take care of some of the Kayfuns down sides.

If you have a Kayfun we wrote a great article on 7 amazing Kayfun Coil build tutorials


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