Best Regulated Box Mods

The regulated box mod is a great option for those of us who want power and reliability, Doesn’t matter if  you run a Kayfun or comp dripper you can grab your box mod and head out confident this is all you need. Now talking about a clone or authentic these mods are quality and well-built, AND you can pick them up for around $100 or less.

Sigelei 100W

Sigelei Box ModWith an aluminum shell and slick design the Sigelei 100W is just as beautiful as it is powerful, this thing is a beast of a box mod, up to 100 Watts and able to handle coils 3.0  to 0.2  range this baby is perfect for you sub ohm-ers and cloud chasers alike. With a bunch of small but useful safety features like low resistance protection and short protection. Plus  you can get em for 70-$80

iPV2 50W Box Mod

iPV2 Box ModAnother sleek box mod this time by Poineer4you, the ipv2 has the SX-330 chip allowing you to vape your sub ohm builds down to 0.2 ohms safely, with a touch senor fire button it feels pretty high-tech, this one has a range of  7-50 watts but the ipv3 can go up to a whopping 150 watts. This ipv2 will set you back $99 and the ipv3 will set you back $125

Cloupor DNA 30 (Cana Mod)

cana modThe Cloupor (Cana Mod) is in my opinion one of the better DNA30 Hana mod clones. It comes in a huge variety of colors to choose from in its awesomely designed all aluminum body, it really is a piece of art, but who care about that lets here some stats, This mod can pump out 7 – 30 watts and able to handle builds down to 0.3 ohms safely. ( as safe as 0.3 ohms can be)

Now there are tons more options in various clone manufacturers. I swear there’s more and more every day, but if you look around these 3 will pretty much be the only ones people suggest to people. For their quality and performance.

For our second article we updated this one a bit and made all the box mods under $100 in

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