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What is the best RDA for Cloud Chasing? This is a question that comes up time and time again. For the best cloud production a good RDA is important but there are many factors that you have to think of, what coil you build,the Juice you use,

A E-liquid with a high VG percent is Ideal, All our flavors are available in Cloud Chasers Mix with up to 93%VG. The Battery and good conductive mod will all help. we talked about that in our article about Cloud Chasing coil Builds,

But you do need a good RDA

that will allow you to open up and use your coil to its fullest potential, you will also want a really conductive mod and really good batteries.

its pretty evident that there is some basic requirements for a “great” Cloud Chasing RDA

  • HUGE Air Holes
  • Quad coil capable
  • Connections (material and style)

We actually can’t show you “The Best” RDA because well,  you can’t really say without a bunch of scientific tests on every RDA ever built to actually say what is THE best rda for producing clouds, but we can show you the most Recommended RDA’s for Cloud Chasing.

I Researched vaping forums, message boards, Reddit, Google, Google Communities, Facebook and personal friends and my own experience and I compiled a list of what you, the Vaping community ,says they think are some of best RDA’s you can get for making those Clouds. ( but not EVERY RDA)


Cloud Chasing RDA IGO M V2 Dripper

The Igo-M V2 is a natural for cloud chasing, it has everything you would want already to go. 6 big air holes all ready to go, a semi deep juice well, The posts are a decent size as well and amazing contacts.

The Doge

doge RDA

The Doge RDA is a comp RDA so you know this one will get you to cloud kingdom. With massive air vents and a massive drip tip this thing can breathe. With a Copper post in the middle its got the connections you need as well. Can you see a trend in a Cloud Chasing RDA


Cloud Chasing RDA Stillare RDA

The Stillare RDA is one of the most, if not THE most recommended RDA for cloud chasing, just by looking at it you can tell that it has great air flow, its capable for massive builds, the posts are made out of a favorable conductive material, and the well is deep. PLUS you can get them for a reasonable price.


Plume Veil

Cloud Chasing RDA Plume Veil RDA


The Plum Veil is another obvious choice when talking about cloud chasing, It has everything you would want, in stock form you have big air holes,great material on connectors and big holes in your posts which you have 4 of by the way and to top it all off a giant drip well. Plus they sure are sexy.

Mutant X

Mutant X RDA

The Mutant X RDA is a newer RDA Designed by modders in the USA this thing is ready to go, With Silver connections and a great price point you can’t go wrong.

The Mephisto

Mephisto RDAThe Mephisto is a superb Cloud Chasing RDA with a 4mm deep well massive post holes and huge air vents AND a derlin insulator for the drip tip to keep it cool, This is my next purchase.



In the end you could buy the “Best” RDA for dripping and watch the “Best coil build for clouds” but if you don’t take the time to learn the basics these things wont make a damn of difference in cloud production. Cloud Chasing is about maximizing your entire setup,

these RDA’s are just a few of the thousands of RDA’s you could go with.

Lets hear what you feel is “Your Best” RDA for cloud production in the comments below 

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