In our first article Best RDA for Cloud Chasing 1 We showed you 6 great options for choosing a great RDA designed for performance. That means the RDA or (dripper) must have some basic qualities, such as adequate air flow in and out, conductive materials, conductive posts to build on and just over all design, So we got out there and dug out some more amazing RDA’s for Chasing those clouds we love so much.

As well as having a RDA that has a great connection and airflow a great Mod with great conductivity is also important, Along with the correct coil you can get great clouds. A bonus is having E-liquid with high VG, VG makes MASSIVE CLOUDS, We just so happen to sell all of our flavors in Cloud Chaser Blend

Now onto the Drippers

Dark Horse

dark horse rda

The Dark Horse by Steam Angel Technology is a beautifully designed RDA, with a MASSIVE drip tip. Open wide this thing is about to deliver a cloud down your gullet, The posts are square with massive holes for your crazy coil builds. With 16 preset airflow options,Gold Plated Flattened Positive Post Design, Gold Plated Positive Contact Pin, the original Dark Horse is a true cloud chaser RDA

pick one up for about $80.00 but you can find a cheaper alternative in the clone market for about $13 from

CLT v2


The CLT V2 by Infinite is not as well-known as say the Plume Veil or Dark Horse but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good, The CLT Version 2 is a beautifully machined piece of art, with 20mm of side vent holes this baby is wide open, a 10mm x 14mm wide bore drip tip she breathes well too, featuring a full copper adjustable contact pin and room for a quad coil setup. also the deck and posts are milled to the deck for maximum conductivity, remind you this is not a clone and you can pick one up for around $39

454 Big Block


The 454 Big Block RDA by Kryptonite Vapor is a beast of a RDA with capabilities to hold 4 coils  at once, as well as single duel or quad this center post design is pretty neat, the Big Block actually has no negative posts, the entire RDA is the negative post, with 2 heat fins to help disperse the heat generated by your 4 coil setup, they give you a very deep juice well, because you will need it with that many coils. Also sporting a solid copper center post and made in the good ol USA like a few others in this list.

Pick up an authentic for around $70

Zenith V2


The Zenith V2 is a great dripper, some versions have had issues with the screws on the posts but that can be easily fixed if you do have one of these issues with a cheap screw, other than that you have 3 slotted posts for thicker gauge wire, and the negative posts are welded to the deck for longevity, with Adjustable silver plated copper contacts for great conductivity, the Zenith comes with 3 rings to adjust the airflow, that’s one way to get adjustable air,

an authentic Zenith from CMII will set you back a cool $100 ish but you can find a clone from anywhere from $12-40



Vulcan RDA


The Vulcan is an interesting RDA design, The designers took heat dissipation to a whole new level with this one, the base is made out of a solid chunk of stainless steel with functional heat fins, the juice wells on this thing are huge, they actually under pass the coils, with a Red copper bottom contact pin/screw. Unique post with hand adjustable screws no need for a screw driver this RDA is pretty unique.

Pick up an authentic Vulcan from VLS for only $60

Lets hear in the comments your favorite Dripper for Cloud Chasing

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