Coil building calculators have become more popular and more advanced over the years. Mostly because of the huge spike in people building their own coils. Rather than buying pre-built ones. There is a ton of math involved in building coils to match a specific ohm or watt.

So that is where the coil build calculator comes into play. These great little apps can tell you what Ω your coil will be if you use a specific gauge of wire and with so many wraps on an x gauge of shaft.

Steam Engine

Steam Engine Coil build calculator screen grab

Steam Engine is more of a collection of calculators for the vaping community. All free of charge and well designed.

Aside from the Coil building, they also have calculators for

  1. Ohm’s Law
  2. Battery Drain
  3. Mod Range
  4. DIY E-liquid
  5. Wire Wizard

Back to the Coil building calculator, the (image above) shows that you can choose from a huge variety of types of wire from Kanthal, Nichrome, nickel, addstitanium and more. Just plug in the Ohm’s that you want the end coil to be, and the other info on the wire gauge, how many other coils will this be with a ton of other options to really dial in the perfect coil. After you do all the text and data entry you hit go and it pops out a little chart

There is also an advanced feature that will take everything we just talked about added more detailed options for you to choose. Allowing you to choose wrap gap size, inner wire diameter and much more. All in all the guys over at Steam Engine have a great set of tools for the vaping community.

  Steam Engine

SMOK TFV8 Sub-ohm tank


Coil Toy

Coil Toy calculator screen grab

The Coil Toy is a web app that will do all the same functions as the previous app we talked about but this one also has a app that you can use on a Android or Blackberry device with Apple support coming soon. The app that you can get called the Cloud.Box is like the advanced Settings in the Steam Engine calculator. The app also has a DIY E-juice function for making your own blends.

Getting back to the web app when you get all the data into the app you will get a cool rendered image of what the coil will or should end up looking when you are done wrapping it.

  Android Exclusive Apps



Vape Tool

Vape Tool Android app screen grab

The Vape Tool by stasbar is one of the better Coil Building apps you can get for your Android powered devices. Featuring all the great stuff you would want and expect from such an app but like the Steam Engine suite of tools the Vape Tool does the same. Offering a bunch of tools that any self respecting vaper should know or at least be a little interested in,

  • Coil Builder
  • Juice mixer
  • Ohms Law
  • Battery Life
  • E-juice Recipes

   Vape Tool


Coil Calculator

Coil Calculator App Screen grab

The Coil Calculator is a standalone app that just does 1 job and does it well, Calculates Coil date. You wont find a e-juice mixer here but you will get a solid good looking well designed app that does its job. Giving you the options you got in some more advanced calculators that are paid for in a nice free version.

   Coil Calculator

Choosing the one that is best for you is 100% up to you, if you were to ask me what one I personally use, I would have to say the Steam Engine suite of tools. I just like the layout and design. They all pretty much are the same more or less so it comes down to preference and what you need.

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