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In vaping whenever someone asks for a good Cloud Chasing rebuild-able you automatically thing of a RDA because, well they are great for blowing huge clouds, but lately the RTA has been poking its head around the Cloud Chasing arena and some of the new tank systems will compete with a dripper any day.

Although the RTA you use isn’t the only part of the cloud chasing puzzle, sure it will get you a really good start, but you can go so much further, by getting MAX VG E-liquid you will automatically start cloud production, The coil you use will greatly aid in your cloud production as well.

Billow V2

The Billow is an amazing RTA
EHPRO/ Eciggity than took this great RTA and listened to the feedback of the vaping community and came out with the Billow V2. They completely changed how the Billow functions with the V2. It’s still the basic idea and design but it’s how they put it all together. You can now take the coil assembly and lower deck completely off from the tank and top part, even with the tank filled. So you can re-wick or change  your coils than just screw it back together and you’re ready to go.
The juice channels
are much deeper and inset into the deck more than the V1. To fill the Billow you no longer fill it with a small screw in at the bottom like in a Lemo or Kayfun but you now unscrew the tank part from the deck part and fill it up. As you can see (below) the tank unscrew from the coil allowing you to fill the tank up very very easily, but also you can now change you coils or just re-wick without needing to empty the tank. This alone makes the Billow V2 worth every penny.

Billow V2 RTA
You no longer adjust the airflow with the two screws like before but rather with a new adjustable airflow ring. Updated with Peek insulation and a wide bore drip tip this Billow has all the things you loved about the original but without the things you didn’t.
Pick up an authentic Billow from Eciggity for about $35

 Goblin V2

Youde listened to the community
and made some slight changes to the design. For starters they upgraded the tank size to hold up to 4.2ml of E-liquid. The contact pin was also replaced with a silver plated one. Made out of 304 Stainless steel the Goblin V2 breaks down into 6 basic parts for easy cleaning, also allowing you to mess with the coil and cotton without emptying the entire tank. The airflow on the Goblin V2 is amazing, you get 2 giant airflow holes positioned directly under the coils to give you top flavor and vapor production.

Pick up a Youde Goblin for around $35

Quality Premium Ejuice

Lemo V2

Lemo V2

The Lemo V2 has some pretty cool new features that set it apart from other RTA’s on the market. The way you fill the tank has been changed to a top fill design. Allowing you to now tilt the Lemo and slide open the fill port and fill up the tank. NO need to remove the tank to fill it anymore. ,
Made out of stainless steel and pyrex the tank can hold up to 3.8mls of juice. The lemo also has adjustable dual airflow providing you even more cloud chasing potential.

Pick up the Lemo V2 for around $39.00



The SilverPlay RTA by Project Sub Ohm is a true Cloud Chasing RTA. “to increase flavor and vapor production. The FOUR juice channels, and FOUR airflow holes are widened to the extreme to allow more air to juice ratio”  Also the 4 Air channels are positioned under the coil and air hits the coil from all directions giving you amazing vapor production AND flavor. You can also close off 2 of the holes taking the RTA out of “Cloud Chasing Mode” and into “Flavor Mode” You can easily switch between the air modes by rotating the ring at the base. The negative posts are milled into the deck for strength and conductivity and comes with an adjustable copper 510 connection.

Get an Authentic SilverPlay for about $39 (when in stock)


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