Well, After writing a few of these articles im starting to notice that there will never be a single “Best” Cloud Chasing  RDA, so rather than name the one we will keep on bringing you the best Cloud chasing RDA’s we can find.

What makes an Ultimate Cloud Chasing RDA? Substantial airflow, amazing conductivity, deep juice well, and how it all works together.


Airek RDAThe Airek is a Full Competition RDA by Projectile Ops made from 305 stainless steel and Copper-SS Positive Post Design For Maximum Conductivity, The 2.5mm holes in the posts are also a great feature as they are HUGE. The juice well is another HUGE thing on the RDA 4mm in-depth.
The Airflow on this beast is another amazing feature as it sport 6 – 4mm holes on both sides AND 6 – 2mm holes on both sides. Giving you 12 holes of breathing options.

Grab one of these for around $90.00

El Cabron

el_cabron_rdaEl Cabron meaning Spanish equivalent to Jerk, or asshole, except a little bit more harsh. Could also mean ” Bad Ass”. Comes from the Spanish term for Goat(Cabra). Knowing the definition helps you realize the name is very fitting because this thing is bad ass. The posts and deck are milled out of a single chunk of aluminum for conductivity and strength, with a Replaceable Center posts (1 Solid Copper Post & 1 Silver Plated SS Post) and replaceable contact pins ( 1 Copper and 1 silver plated) you have some great options for conductivity. The juice well in the El Cabron is DEEP a hole 7mm deep. One thing I love is the Hex Key screws they use rather than a Philips head
The Post holes are again HUGE at 3mm in size you have plenty of room to fit almost any build. This RDA comes with a huge amount of extra stuff.
Grab a El Cabron for about $60.00


Archon RDA

The Archon RDA is said to have a revolutionary airflow design, with a “step down” design giving you a ton of control over your airflow. Im sure most of you would just like 1 , WIDE OPEN. The Archon has a cool feature with the copper center post is removable and it comes with a replacement SS center post, You can choose the one that fits you best, the Archon comes with deep juice wells and huge 2.5mm post holes.

Pick up and Authentic Archon RDA for around $30


kennedy rda

The Kennedy Competition Rda by Kennedy Enterprises is a pretty slick RDA, with stainless steel construction and NO air holes in the top cap.

That is correct None. Rather they have 4 direct bottom on the coil air holes for maximum flavor and vapor production.You can see in the image of the Kennedy the 4 things that look like coils. Those are the air holes… I guess….It also has a copper center post for conductivity. The Kennedy has an extra large juice well, Holds 30 hits worth of juice they say. The drip tip on the this guy is huge as any self-respecting “Cloud Chaser” RDA should,

Grab up a Competition Kennedy for $110 or the regular with 2 air holes for $90

Onslaught RDA

Onslaught RDA

The Onslaught RDA by PSYWAR FABRICATIONS is not as well-known as lets say the doge or mutation x but this is a pretty amazing RDA, made from 304 stainless steel a 5mm deep juice well and 3 negative posts with huge 2mm holes in them for just about any build you can imagine. one really really great thing about the OnSlaught is the use flat head screws, “CNC machined hexagonal positive pole with 5 multiple 5 mm slanted holes” the positive post is copper with a silver coating for great conductivity. They also use Peek insulators

To help breath they put 6 cyclops airflow holes around the top cap.

Pick up and authentic for around $100 and a clone for around $30

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