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With this being our 3rd installment of The Best Cloud Chasing Rda, it’s becoming clear that there is not 1 single RDA to rule them all. They all are designed in their own way to be the best they can be and because of that we keep writing these articles. So get ready to drool over some amazing Cloud Chasing RDA’s


derringer rda

Coming in at a mere 17.5mm in height the Derringer RDA packs a punch in a small package. Making it one of the smallest RDA’s you can get. The Derringer has a pretty substantial juice well for it being so small, the center post is gold-plated  and the 6 air-holes are drilled at an angle making them “Vortex” Ports…Sure why not….The body is made out of 303 stainless steel and you can

pick up an authentic Derringer for about $70

Patriot V2.5

Patriot 2.5

That’s correct, the Patriot is back and better than ever, this time the American Made RDA by Innovape designs has  updated everyone’s favorite RDA with an upgraded derlin insulator for the drip tip for even cooler vaping and a 24K Gold Plated Center Post for MAXIMUM conductivity. Also the Patriot is made in a 3 piece design and better adjustable airflow.

Pick up an Authentic for about $90


Mutilator rda

The Mutilator RDA by Ciggreen is a superb display of what a good “Cloud Chasing RDA” would look like. The first thing you notice is the huge double “X” airflow design for maximum airflow, its adjusted with the other part of the cap with the slots cut in it at an angle, anyway, sporting a solid copper adjustable center post and copper 510 connection gives you the best possible conductivity other than Gold or some other rare metal.

Also there are heat fins at the top and bottom for maximum heating disbursement and a huge and a “Innovative Hovering Effect”, which allows vapor to concentrate, and to produce a more dense and satisfying taste” whatever that means, and a With a wide bore drip tip.

Pick up an authentic for around $30

Project Sub-Ohm™ Edition SS Doge RDA V2 by Congrevape


Ok I know I said the Mutilator was the perfect example of the ideal “Cloud Chasing RDA but the special edition Doge by Congrevape takes the cake. Noted as the “The Competition Doge V2” this puppy has all the goods the Giant drip tip and the air flow holes are amazing but look at those posts. Look at the HOLES in the posts measuring 3mm versus the 1.8mm in the original Doge RDA, an ” innovative Air Injection Hole is installed to cool down vapor and to increase expansion inside of the tip”.

OK what els? Large and deep flat head screws to prevent stripping, a keyed center post that wont spin they say and comes with both in SS and C110 Lead Free Copper posts it says.

All this for $39 Find em at



The Hobo V2.1 is another example of a design that was from the beginning thinking big clouds. The entire base of the Hobo, along with both positive and negative posts are machined out of a solid chunk of stainless steel for maximum conductivity and strength along with a solid copper center post this puppy is connected. The Hobo also sports an innovative airflow design that comes in from the top,directly above the coils and bottom for superb flavor and cloud production.

A total of 4 airflow control’s in all for getting that perfect hit dialed in. If all this wasn’t enough they went and drilled into the juice well two cut openings for “direct air to coil effect” giving your amazing flavor.

An authentic Hobo will set you back around $90
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If you have any suggestions for an amazing Cloud Chasing RDA lets hear it in the comments


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