As well as having a safe vaping experience, having a good charger is vital to the health of your batteries. With that knowledge it is easy to see why you do not want a cheap charger. Plus the difference between a great charger and a bad one is only about $10-15 bucks. PLEASE DON’T GET CHEAP HERE

Efest LUC S2

Efest LUC S2 Battery Charger

The Efest LUC S2 Battery Charger is the newest and greatest Charger from Efest. Being a “Smart Charger” means this is much more than just a charger. You get smart features and protection that other “dumb” chargers can’t provide. The LUC S2 can Hold 2 batteries that can fit all the popular sizes and many many more.

With a ton of built in protection the LUC S2 is the charger you want to be taking care of your batteries. Some features include Over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection and short circuit protection.

Having only 2 ports is actually perfect for anyone who is just starting out or is smart about how they charge. If you have 4 batteries and use 2 and charge 2 than you will always have a charged set. Easy solution.

LUC S2 Features

  • Mini LCD screen
  • Independent charging ports
  • Automatically adjust discharge current to charge batteries of different sizes.
  • Over-discharge Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Built-in Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Zero Voltage Activation Function
  • Low Power Alarmin
  • Automatically Stops When Batteries are Fully Charged
  • Fits all popular Sizes Eg. 18650, 26650, 14500

Pick up a Efest LUC S2 Battery Charger for around $25.00

Efest LUC S2 Battery Charger

Efest LUC blu6 LCD charger

Efest LUC blu6 LCD charger

The Efest LUC blu6 LCD charger is the charger for those who want a little more.The first thing you noticed with the LUC blu6 is the massive size and 6 charging bays. This charger is for the serious vaper. Or someone who loves batteries. Featuring Efests new Bluetooth technology that lets to pair the charger with your smartphone to keep tabs on your battery stats.

Featuring all the safety features of its little brother the LUC S2 such as, Overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection and Reverse polarity protection. You can charge all the popular sizes of batteries as well as following Li-Ion Cells.

LUC blu6 Features

  • 6 Charging Bays
  • Independent CHarging Bays
  • High Quality OLED Display
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Charges all popular Sizes
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible
  • Control Charger from Smartphone

Pick up the Efest LUC blu6 LCD Battery charger for around $45.00

Efest LUC blu6 LCD Battery charger

NITECORE Intellicharger i4 Smart Charger

NITECORE Intellicharger i4 Smart Charger

The NITECORE Intellicharger I4 is another great charger. Able to automatically identify the type of battery that is placed in the charging bay and put the appropriate charge to it automatically. Able to hold 4 Batteries at one time all with independent bays.

The Intellicharger I4 also has great safety features such as reverse polarity and overcharge protection Circuit Protection and Over-Discharge Protection. For charging you have 3 modes, Constant Charge Current (CC), Constant Charge Voltage (CV) and Trickle Charge.
NITECORE Intellicharger i4 Smart Charger Features

  • Capable of Charging 4 Batteries at once
  • Independent Charging Ports
  • Automatically ID’s Li-Ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd Batteries
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Auto Circuit Protection
  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Over-Discharge Protection
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60HZ DC 12V

Pick up a NITECORE Intellicharger i4 Smart Charger for around $30.00

NITECORE Intellicharger i4 Smart Charger

There you have our pick for the top 3 chargers at this time. You have a ton other choices but these are the three that have history, and a great track record for keeping batteries healthy and more importantly safe. A funky charger will screw up a battery quicker than a junebug on a corn stick.

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