Wicking material in the vaping world has been a constant evolution from day 1. We started out with going to your bathroom and finding the old bag of cotton balls under the sink you haven’t touched in years. We then found other materials to fit our needs

Today you can buy vaping specific cotton. Although more expensive than just plain ol’ cotton balls, some people say it is well worth the few extra dollars. Others disagree completely.

Vaping Specific Wicking Material

Cotton Bacon V2

Cotton Bacon V2
Cotton Bacon has been a favorite with the vaping community since it first hit the market. With Version 2 they have taken all the extra plant material out of the cotton that didn’t help in the wicking process.
Cotton Bacon is a 100% USA grown cotton. They say they are the first company to provide vaping specific cotton. Medical grade, Peroxide free and tasteless this stuff is another good choice if you have the extra cash to spend on cotton and want some of the best cotton you can get.
Wick & Vape Cotton Bacon V2

Vapers Choice Cotton (VCC)

Vapers Choice Cotton

Vapers Choice Cotton is a company that specifically only makes or processes cotton for vaping. In the process of turning normal cotton into super vaping cotton they don’t use any bleach or hydrogen peroxide in their purification process unlike some other companies on the market.

They use Supima cotton, said to be “The world’s finest cottonSupima is usually used by high end fashion designers. Supima also has extra long fibers that come in handy for us vapers.

Grab a 2 oz can for $12

Kendo Vape Cotton

Kendo Vaping Cotton

Kendo Vaping Cotton is cultivated from a special cotton plant in Japan. Loved for its flavor and resistance to burning Kendo Vape Cotton is a great choice. 100% pesticide free, and always unbleached.

All of the reviews for Kendo’s cotton is positive. People say the flavor is great. But does that mean this is better than normal Japanese cotton you could get on say amazon? Probably not but that is up to you.

Traditional Wicking Material

This is the material that we all know and love, this is the stuff we grab when we first started out or in a pinch, heck I still use the Japanese cotton all the time. So don’t assume because they make vaping specific wicking material that this stuff now sucks.

The Cotton Ball/ Cotton yarn

Cotton Balls

Ah yes the good ol’ cotton ball,
Made from, well cotton this is one of the best wicking materials you can use. It’s cheap, wicks really well, and you get great flavor. But you don’t want to use any cotton ball, The typical cotton balls you will find more often than not have been bleached, have pesticides or other nasty things you don’t want to vape.
Organic Unbleached
Organic Unbleached Cotton Balls

The best cotton you can get – is unbleached, organic cotton balls. This is because regular cotton balls are not just cotton. Some are bleached or has chlorine traces left from cleaning, so you have the residual of that stuff. Being organic the farmers do not use pesticides or other chemicals that you do not want to vape.

Boiling Cotton

It is recommended – that you boil all your cotton before using to vape. If you get the organic stuff you probably will be fine but it’s never a bad idea to clean.

You do not want – to boil you cotton balls in your tap water Tap water comes from 1 of 2 places, a well, or surface water (as in a reservoir or river). The tap water gets treated before it reaches your house sure, but the treatment doesn’t take everything out of the water.

Some tap water can actually put more crap into the cotton than you originally had,from lead, copper, Pesticides from runoff, Parasites and so on. It is ideal to use bottled water to boil your cotton.

How to Boil Cotton

Cotton balls/string is the best wicking material if you like flavor and the cheapness and ease of finding.

Japanese Cotton

Japanese cotton for vaping

Japanese Cotton is said to be “worth the hype” and to some others pointless, nonetheless it is more expensive than let’s say your traditional cotton ball. Does it give you a better vaping experience? I can tell you that from my personal experience this stuff is great. It has great flavor, and it seems to last a while.

Sure it’s a little more expensive but you don’t go through that much. I have a little stack of it and it’s lasted me a while and I barely put a dent in it, SO ya its pretty good. A+

This is the best wicking material in a tank system (like kayfun)
Japanese Cotton

Silica & Ekowool

Silica wick
There has been some debate – about the safety of Silica wicks. Here is a discussion on the topic on E-cig forum, it seems the culprit is Crystalline silica. You have 2 types of silica. Crystalline Silica is the one you should try to avoid. I won’t go into the details that’s what the link is for, But I can’t say if it’s safe or not so I’m going to give you the info and let you figure it out. But Silica is pretty good at wicking so I’m sure it will still be used.
Ekowool is silica that is braided so it leaves the center of the cord hollow. Some Ekowool has cotton in the center to aid wicking. One nice quality about Ekowool is its amazing fire resistance. Making it perfect for wicking, but because Ekowool is a silica, it possibly could have the same health concerns. It’s been said that Ekolwool could be less harmful due to the way it’s braided leaving less of a chance of fibers coming off and into your lungs.

Stainless Steel Mesh

stainless steel mesh

Stainless steel mesh – is mostly used in Genesis style atomizers. Some people do use them in their drippers but people who do it say you have to be careful of the mesh shorting out your coil. These are mostly not used anymore because we have found better things but you will still see some die hard fans.

Quality Premium Ejuice


hemp wicks

That is correct hemp is an option for wicking. You want to make sure you get the unwaxed hemp, some people suggest boiling your hemp for the same reasons you boil cotton, pesticides, microbes and such.

Hemp is also said to have a woodsy taste to it and the best flavors you use it with are tobacco blends, custards, and other heavy flavors. The manufacturers say it gives you the cleanest vape, so it’s worth checking out.

Rayon Cellulose

rayon wicking material

Rayon is a special kind of fiber, it’s actually in natural and synthetic, in that Rayon comes from naturally accruing Cellulose but requires extensive processing to become the rayon we know and love today. It is also the oldest manufactured fiber, it was made as a cheap alternative to silk in france in the 1880’s

As far as vaping goes – this stuff is loved by the people who use it, although there are some people who say it’s not safe to vape but I have not found any studies that say so.

Rayon is the best wicking material for it’s great wicking and flavor.

Wickless Coils

wickless coil
Wickless coils – are more or less the same concept as stainless steel cord/mesh, but these ones you build yourself out of kanthal. But really  I don’t see much use for them other than testing a bunch of different e-liquid flavors

This Coil is The BEST wicking material if you want to test a bunch of juice one after the other. Just wash it off and move on.


So what IS the best wicking material? Well I would tell you I love organic cotton balls. They are cheap and give you great flavor and wicking, but that is the great thing about vaping is that you do have a ton of choices if you don’t like one you have tons of other choices just waiting to be tried out.

Let’s hear from you, What is your favorite wicking material?

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