Happy Jan 28th everyone, Today we are bringing you “Advanced Coil Builds Vol. 11”. We have some great builds for you today.

  • Dragon Skin Coil
  • Split Coil
  • (3 Part) framed staple coil.
  • Stitched Alien Stovetop
  • Chuck Norris Coil
  • Tunnel Blanket Coil

If you are new to coil building or want to get into coil building. Check out Coil building 101 article or Beginner Coil Builds

Also if you have any coil builds you think could be helpful to our list go ahead and add it below and we will look at it and see if it fits.

If you liked any of these guides make sure you check out their Youtube Channels Below

SMOK TFV8 Sub-ohm tank

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Keep the Education Going

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